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Best pH Meter

Last Updated: March 23, 2023
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens

Hydroponics is a method that encourages plants to grow in a water-based solution, without soil. If you want to experiment with hydroponics, you’ll need to find the best pH meter to help you monitor the development of your crops.

Finding the right pH meter will help you to monitor the germination and growth process of your plants.

Hydroponics requires attention to detail, therefore it’s worth investing in a great quality meter to keep your nutrient solution perfect! The water quality and especially the pH level of your nutrient solution is important to track.

If you fail to properly monitor your nutrient solution you will end up with sticky plants. To make your search easier, the following pH meters have received the seal of approval!

Our Reviews

Atree Soil pH Meter, 3-in-1 Soil Test Kits

The Atree Soil pH Meter is a 3-in-1 tester that;

  • Measures the moisture content of the soil to let you know when to water
  • Helps you determine whether the plant is getting enough light
  • Helps you control pH level in soil, acidic or alkaline for your plants

The premium double-needle detection technology strongly enhances the speed and accuracy of detecting and analyzing soil moisture and pH acidity.

To use, simply insert the probes into the soil about 2-4 inches and you’ll get a reading. This meter easily and accurately reads moisture to promote healthy plants.

No battery is required, making this lightweight and portable meter great for indoor and outdoor use.

The Atree Soil pH Meter’s copper probe and aluminum probe provide scientific accuracy by sensing the changes of soil and transferring details to the conductor which displays the accurate values.


  • Accurate and reliable
  • Easy to use
  • 3-in-1 soil test kit
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Scientifically accurate


  • The pH display is small, but reflective of the price.

Digital PH Meter

The Digital pH Meter is an affordable and useful tool for anybody who needs a pH tester for household or hydroponic use.

This digital pH Meter is highly accurate for measuring a range of 0-14 pH with 0.1 pH resolution. Also, you’re able to measure and display pH results simultaneously with an LCD display for reliable and quick reading.

To use, simply remove the protective cap and immerse the pH meter electrode in the solution and turn to use the ON/OFF switch to measure. This is much easier than squinting to see the colors of a litmus strip.

The Digital PH Meter has an auto temperature compensation feature that adjusts to the water temperatures and quality to give instant pH readings. Additionally, you can calibrate this tester using buffing powder and the one-touch button.

Included in your purchase is a detailed manual that will show you how to get the best accurate and stable readings. You’ll also receive 3x pH buffer powders and 2x 1.5V LR44 button cells.


  • Budget friendly
  • Easy to calibrate
  • Pocket size
  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Easy to use


  • We wish the design was a little taller to grab!

Bluelab METCOM Combo Meter

The Bluelab METCOM Combo Meter is an excellent portable tool that takes measurements of pH, conductivity, and temperature within a solution.

This is important because the correct pH, conductivity and temperature levels of nutrient solution are important for healthy and successful growth.

Are you experiencing issues with yellow leaves and slow growth? The Bluelab Combo Meter will soon tell you if the vital parameters are within the plant’s requirements.

The Bluelab Combo Meter has two probes, a Bluelab pH Probe and a Bluelab Conductivity/Temperature Probe.

To take a reading, simply place both probes both into the solution and your reading will be displayed on the screen.

The Bluelab Combo Meter doesn’t require a power supply to operate, therefore readings can be taken anywhere to manage your crop’s requirements.

This pH probe’s calibration instructions are supplied on the back of the meter.

After 30 days, the calibration indicators will disappear which is useful because it lets you know that calibration is due.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Large display that’s easy to read
  • Over range and under range indicators
  • Low battery indicator
  • Auto off function
  • Simple push button calibration indicator
  • 2x AAA batteries included


  • Although we liked the meter, there’s a lot of dissatisfied reviewers considering the price point!

Dr.Meter pH Meter

The Dr.Meter Pocket Size pH Meter has a useful one-touch button that helps you to calibrate the digital pH tester. The three-point calibration method has simple calibration procedures that can automatically detect the calibration liquid to give you the pH reading in a flash!

The automatic temperature compensation function can identify possible inaccuracies that are caused by a change of liquid.

Measure pH value is simple with the Dr.Meter pH Meter. Remove the protective cap from the handheld pH meter and put the composite electrode into distilled water, and slowly stir for 5-10 seconds and spin-dry it once removed. Press the on/off button to turn on the unit and dip the electrode into the target solution once the whole electrode is submerged.

Lastly, stir the solution gently and wait for the value to stabilize, the LCD screen will display both the temperature and pH.


  • Automatic calibration
  • Convenient pH value reading
  • High accuracy
  • Budget friendly
  • Automatic temperature compensation


  • The instructions appear to be written by a non-english native speaker and can be hard to understand. This is not recommendable to beginners

SX610 Waterproof pH Pen Tester

The clever SX610 Waterproof pH Pen Tester will help you manage the success of your crops!

This pen has a pH and temperature reading of soils and hydroponics so that you know the correct nutrients are available to your plants and it measures your solutions too!

PH strongly influences the availability of nutrients and the presence of microorganisms and plants in the soil.

The SX610 Waterproof pH Pen Tester’s simple one-touch calibration fully automatic 1-pt calibration is ideal for regular solution samples ranging from 3-11 pH.

The handy features include easy to use buttons with selectable units, backlit LCD display, successful pH calibration indicator, hold and auto-off functions and low battery warning.

Included with your pen is an easy-to-follow start guide with instructions on how to get the most from your pen.


  • Backlit LCD display
  • Low battery warning
  • Hold and auto off functions
  • Fully waterproof
  • Measures pH and temperature of solutions


  • The bottles of solution are on the small side!

How to Find the Best pH Meter for your Crops

Monitoring the pH of your hydroponic or soil solution is the best way to ensure you have healthy crops and happy plants!

Finding a great pH meter will help you to determine the nutrients that are available to your plants, and it will also allow you to monitor whether your plants prefer acidic or alkaline soils.

Most plants succeed with a pH of 5.5 to 6.5; we recommend that you stick to the safe zone, which is 6.2.

Ease of Use

It’s essential to acknowledge your growing skill level and that you understand how easy your digital device will be to use.

The instructions in the user manual will help if they’re bright, but the instrument’s design will decide their ease of use.

A big, clear LCD screen will make it easy to measure the values. You should be able to read the values regardless of sunlight and viewing angle.

Backlit LCD screens allow you to do testing even in poor light.

It should also be easy to toggle from one parameter to another since lots of digital pH meters more than just the acidity and alkalinity of water.

You should be able to obtain a reading in minutes, with some expensive models providing a reading in seconds.

Lightweight devices are easy to operate in one hand so you can immerse the electrode into your solution and wait for the reading to stabilize.

You can increase the ease of portability and storage by investing in a carry case for convenience!


Slight variations in pH can affect the quality of the composition being tested; this is why the margin of error should be very narrow.

Look out for meters that have the feature Automatic Temperature Compensation, which enables the tool to compensate for any temperature change, delivering a precise reading to ensure stability.

Some devices will also remind you when it’s time for re-calibration, which is vital for avoiding errors in values.


Some budget meters will require calibrating straight out of the box, which is usually an easy process.

More advanced models will be able to measure not only the acid and alkaline levels of liquids, but also their electrical conductivity, temperature, purity, and concentration through total dispersed solids.


It should be easy for the user to switch from one mode to another with push-buttons. Some unity has an auto-calibration feature, which simplifies the initialization process.

Best Digital pH Meters

Digital pH Meters last a lifetime if you take care of them and are the way to go if you plan on doing lots of hydroponic growing.

Also, digital pH meters are fast compared to manual meters because they’re able to test quickly and frequently!

You must remember to calibrate your meter for them to remain accurate frequently. Without proper maintenance, your pH meter will break down!

How to Care for Your pH Meter

The first thing you should do when you get your new pH meter is to read the instructions that come with it!

These are the general ways to take care of your new tool;

  • Familiarize yourself with the instructions
  • Keep it calibrated
  • Lightly swirl your meter in solution to get rid of air bubbles
  • Keep away from heat and humidity
  • Handle with care
  • Don’t touch the reference cell or sensor electrode


Hopefully, this guide has provided you with the knowledge you need to choose the best pH meter for your crops!

The pH meter you chose will depend on your requirements, your budget, how fast you want the readings to appear, and the accuracy.

The team has chosen the Digital pH meter as their best digital ph meter!

We loved the easy calibration, quick and accurate measure display that’s teamed with a budget price tag!

This simple to use pH meter also comes with 3 pH bugger powders, a handy instruction manual, and 2x 1.5V LR44 button cells!

If you choose this meter, there’ll be no concerns about temperature! The Digital has an automatic temperature compensation accurately determine any temperature in a range up to 176 Fahrenheit!

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