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Best Lighter for Weed

Last Updated: March 23, 2023
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens

What is the best lighter for weed?

The answer…

Well, It all Depends.

The type of weed lighter you decide to blaze up with, directly correlates with the method that your choosing to get high.

Smoking a joint on a windy day is most probably going to require a completely different lighter, to say, if you were relaxing while hitting your favourite bong with friends.

Not just that, picking a lighter that’s safe to use is another concern very few smokers rarely think of.

For instance, depending on your method of smoking, a plasma lighter may not be the best choice for every method of smoking in terms of your health.

Ingesting Ozone can have some pretty bad health effects, so please tread carefully if a plasma lighter is your goto weed lighter of choice.

Of course, with most forms of smoking weed, you’ll be entirely fine just using your everyday Bic lighter in many circumstances, so by all means, blaze away.

If on the other hand, you’re after something a little bit different from the norm. A weed lighter that makes getting high, so much easier?

Then carry on reading.

As the team at The Highest Crop have put together a comprehensive list of the most popular and best lighters for weed used by marijuana smokers from around the world.

Our Reviews

Bee Wick Organic Hemp Wick

We’re changing tact on our next pick, with this, 100% Hemp Wick made by the company Bee Wick.

Although not an actual lighter, hemp wick can be thought of as an accessory to your weed lighter. Wrap this baby around your standard BIC lighter and boom! This can now be used as a slow burn form of lighter that will keep on smouldering.

So, for those times you need to keep your joint lit, or just want that butane free experience, this can be a very easy workaround. The tiniest amount can be used, saving on that lighter fuel, which is always a bonus.

Made in the USA from 100% organic hemp, and coming in at an unbelievably affordable price for 50ft of wick, the Bee Wick organic hemp wick really is excellent value for the money.


  • Great Price
  • 50ft hemp wick provided
  • Highly rated
  • Excellent cheap accessory
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% organic hemp
  • Butane free alternative


  • Burn time different with some batches

Vertigo Cyclone Torch Lighter

The first torch lighter featured in today’s review is the Vertigo Cyclone Charcoal and Brushed Chrome Triple Flame Torch Lighter, sold by Vertigo Parfums.

The Vertigo Cyclone torch lighter is consistently rated 4 stars and above and comes in at a very respectable price point.

Build quality is excellent, and very few faulty items have been reported.

No matter your method of smoking, this torch lighter can burn through most cannabis extracts with little effort.

Refillable and easy to operate, as well as a full tank on delivery. The Vertigo Cyclone is an excellent every day or backup lighter that shouldn’t let you down.

If any problems do occur with the Vertigo Cyclone a standard 30-day return policy is included.

Be aware though, the Vertigo Cyclone Charcoal and Brushed Chrome Triple Flame Torch Lighter can become hot with extended use.

As well as the above, refilling the lighter can be a bit tricky at times.

All in all, you can do much worse than opt for the Vertigo Cyclone Torch Lighter when needing a portable easy to use lighter that produces a strong flame.


  • Torch lighter with a strong flame
  • Portable
  • Quality build
  • Refillable
  • Rated highly
  • Good price
  • Full tank on delivery


  • Not the best for every type of smoking

SOTO Pocket Torch Lighter

Becoming ever more popular among cannabis smokers is the torch lighter. In previous years, this torch-style lighter would most likely be found at the side of most regular cigar smoker’s but just as the way in which people consume cannabis in recent years has changed, so too has their lighting needs.

This is where the torch lighter comes into play, and we’ve picked a top-rated example in the SOTO Pocket Torch Lighter.

The SOTO Pocket Torch Lighter is a powerful lighter that allows you to light anything. It works great at sea level and if the button is pressed partially, it will work every time without fail. The extendable feature also makes this pocket torch lighter ideal for joints, and bongs.

This compact refillable lighter offers a telescoping burner head to reach further, reaching temperatures up to 1300℃ (approx., 2300°F). It is also wind-resistant and has a superfine centralized flame.


  • Refillable
  • Highly rated
  • Wind-resistant


  • Not the Best for Extremely Cold Temperatures

BIC Classic Lighter

Here we have one of the most popular lighters among cannabis smokers, the all-time classic BIC lighter.

Affordable, sturdy, and without any flashy gimmicks. The BIC lighter is pretty straightforward and performs its duty exceptionally well.

Quality assured every BIC classic lighter goes through 50 separate rigorous testing processes before it ever leaves the shop floor.

Providing 2X lights compared to other brands as well as being child-resistant, and available in multiple colors.

The BIC lighter can be thought of like a trusty old friend, that will never let you down.


  • Great price
  • Multiple colors available
  • Multi-packs available
  • Solid build
  • Highly rated & popular among cannabis smokers


  • Low levels of butane in some defective lighters
  • Not the best for all types of smoking weed

Zippo Lighter

Next on our list, we have another classic and popular lighter within the weed-smoking community, the Zippo lighter.

Build quality, as with all Zippo lighters is excellent. You can rest easy that any lighter from Zippo will very rarely let you down. On the odd occasion you may encounter a faulty unit, worry not. As if it doesn’t work as it should, Zippo will fix for free!

Windproof with an all-metal construction, the Zippo lighter really is a fantastic little addition to anyone’s weed stash box kit.

Priced reasonably well, with the option of a multitude of front-facing designs to make your Zippo lighter stand out amongst the crowd, you can see why many smokers favor the Zippo over other brands.

The only downside we can see is that the Zippo premium lighter fluid is sold separately. Of course, this isn’t a major issue, as it can be found online or in most local stores.


  • Competitively priced
  • Premium construction
  • Highly rated
  • A favorite within the cannabis community
  • Windproof
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Refillable butane lighter


  • Price could be better
  • Butane could be included at this price

Toker Poker

So simple, yet so needed by the regular cannabis smoker. This innovative well priced designed lighter sleeve is a must for the toker that regularly uses the classic BIC lighter.

Featuring a stainless steel poker for those clogged bowls or weed pipes, this ergonomically designed lighter sleeve comes in multiple designs and editions from vibrantly coloured glow in the dark sleeves to metallic looking and candy dripped designs.

Alongside the stainless steel poker, the Toker Poker also features a stainless steel tamper that enables you to pack that weed in nice and tight alongside being designed to hold an impressive 5 – Feet of hemp wick.

Highly rated by thousands of tokers, the Toker Poker is built to last and should accompany you and your lighter through years of smoke sessions.

Shipping throughout the US, 30 day money back guarantee, and 12 – months warranty is another reason the Toker Poker should be considered when in the market for a new utility lighter sleeve.

All in all, the Toker Poker is a well priced, well built, versatile, smoking accessory for the more discerning toker out there.


  • Great Price
  • Versatile
  • Highly Rated
  • Good Build Quality
  • Multi-Packs Available


  • Cleaning Can Be A bit Of A Pain
  • Perfect For BIC Lighters But Some Other Brands May Get Stuck

Types of Lighter

Lighters come in all shapes and sizes, as well as different technologies, and price ranges.

From your inexpensive throwaway, to your more expensive torch lighter.

There’s a lighter for every kind of smoker.

Some of the most popular and commonly used weed lighters are listed below.

  • BIC lighter
  • Zippo lighter
  • Torch lighter
  • Plasma lighter
  • Tesla coil lighter

As alternatives to your weed lighter, and for a butane/ozone free smoking experience you can also use.

  • Hemp wick

What Weed Lighter is Right for You

The weed lighter that’s right for you, will ultimately come down to how you consume your bud and its extracts.

Smoking a joint is obviously different to hitting a bong, although a standard lighter can still be used.

Whereas dabbing is completely different to both smoking a joint or hitting a bong.

A hot, consistent flame is needed for dabbing. Which is why a dab torch is always recommended above your standard lighter, as your standard weed lighter just won’t cut it.

You could also be a more health conscious marijuana user, and prefer to use hemp wick for a butane and ozone free hit.

The Elements

You may not always have the luxury of lighting up indoors, and with this being the case, you’ll need a lighter that can withstand most elements.

A Zippo lighter is a great choice is this respect, as they will always produce a strong flame as well as being windproof overall.

Obviously a torch lighter would be even better in this regard, but isn’t the best portability wise, unless of course it was something like the Vertigo Cyclone.

Which has the advantage of being both a torch lighter, whilst also being a similar size to your everyday lighter.

Best Lighter for Weed – Refillable vs Throwaway

As cheap and as good a deal a throwaway lighter might seem like, the waste and cost to the environment isn’t something that sits well with us, and the same can be said for many others out there.

So with that in mind, always try and go for a refillable lighter or hemp wick to make your lighters last that much longer.

The obvious reason for choosing a refillable lighter over other types of lighters is the product life, and also the extended use for the user. A good refillable lighter will last you for years.

As above, recycling of these cheap plastic lighters isn’t the easiest of tasks. Most will end up in the bin or left discarded outside, which is far from an ideal situation. Don’t just smoke green, think green as well!


Although most weed lighters are very budget friendly, easily accessible, and probably one of the last things the average marijuana user thinks about until they need one.

It’s still needs some consideration when it comes to purchasing one.

As you no doubt know, weed and it’s extracts can be consumed in many different ways, because of this, a whole market of accessories (weed lighters included) are now available for every situation.

So, now we come to the ultimate question.

What is the best lighter for weed?

We can say out of the 3 top weed lighters we’ve featured today. Our top pick would be the Vertigo Cyclone Charcoal and Brushed Chrome Triple Flame Torch Lighter.

Refillable, and with a strong consistent flame. Plus above average build quality, whilst being competitively priced. The Vertigo Cyclone ticks all the right boxes and should last you for a good few years.

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