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Best LED Grow Lights

Last Updated: January 10, 2021
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens

In today’s article, we’ll go over some of the best LED grow lights available.

As you’re no doubt aware, if there’s one thing that plants need to thrive, it’s light. So it’s of crucial importance that you pick the right lighting system when starting a grow set-up.

There are many different tried and tested lighting solutions out there, all produce some impressive results. But with the advancement in LED technology in recent years, more people are starting to realize the benefits of incorporating LED grow lights into their grow setups.

LEDs are still a long way off from overtaking the traditionally used lighting systems in terms of popularity and pricing for the home grower, but significant inroads have been made. It now seems it’s only a matter of time before LED grow lights becomes the standard for indoor growers worldwide.

Our Reviews

Galaxyhydro 600 Watt LED Grow Light

Galaxy Hydro used to be a ubiquitous lighting company for the hydroponic industry but has since been bought by Roleadro. To keep in line with consumer demand, this classic light remains available for a new generation of cannabis cultivators.

Join us now, as we provide an in-depth review of the Galaxyhydro 600 Watt LED grow light to help you decide if this product is the right grow light for you.

The Galaxyhydro has been around for years under the brand name Galaxy Hydro. This LED grow light has been a favorite amongst many LED enthusiasts but has since been bought out by a new company – Roleadro.

When you purchase the Galaxyhydro 600w LED grow light, you receive the LED system and its power cord. This light is fully functioning right out of the box, so you can plug-and-play immediately after receiving it.

Since this light doesn’t allow you to customize the color of the lighting, you may be frustrated during either the vegetative or flowering phase – especially if you want to hit your plants with only red or blue.

Alternatively, the UV and IR features are ideal for those that want their plants to have access to the most natural aspects that are found from the Sun.

Features and Benefits

The Galaxyhydro 600-watt LED grow light is full of features and benefits. Let’s take a look at what this LED grow light has to offer you.

High-Quality Epiled LED Chips

Epiled chips are battle-tested LED lights. These aren’t an off-brand that’s used in budget material, but instead, high-value chips that are guaranteed to last many growing seasons.

These chips are rated to last between 30,000-50,000 hours. This comes out to nearly 6 years of constant use, which is incredible when you consider you’re supposed to switch your HID bulbs after every two grow cycles.


The engineers over at Roleadro decided to give their customers the benefit of daisy-chaining their products together to make a more efficient system. Through daisy-chaining, you can place upwards of 5 Galaxyhydro 600-watt systems on one circuit.

UV and IR Lighting

The Galaxyhydro 600-watt LED emits ultraviolet rays and infrared lighting, which are naturally produced from the Sun. Ultraviolet rays are known to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus, which are common problems when it comes to cannabis cultivation.

Infrared lighting has recently been studied to increase the vitality of plants, which also translates into larger yields and healthier crops.

2-Year Warranty

It’s impressive to see such an extended warranty, especially when the company is in the cannabis industry. Many companies are only seeking to make a few dollars and move on, but Roleadro stands by their Galaxyhydro 600-watt LED product with a no-questions-asked 2-year warranty.

Alternatives to The Galaxyhydro 600w LED Grow Light

As with any product, there’s always competition. Here are a few competitors that we found that closely resemble the Galaxyhydro 600w LED.

VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified Reflector-Series 600W LED Grow Light

Both of these products draw 260-watts from the wall. The warranty offered for the Vipaspectra is an eye-popping 3-years. This is an additional year compared to the Galaxyhydro.

This is a true competitor for the Galaxyhydro and is worth a look if you’re looking at purchasing the Galaxyhydro. This product is ideal for those who want an additional year on their warranty as an added buffer.

Phlizon Newest 600W LED Plant Grow Light

The Philzon 600-watt LED grow light comes equipped with a plethora of features that make the Galaxyhydro pale in comparison. It comes with a thermometer, humidity monitor, rope ratchet, a double-switch for plants in the vegetative phase or flowering stage.

This new LED grow light is well worth your consideration if you’re already looking into the Galaxyhydro. The Philzon 600w LED grow light is perfect for those who want all the necessary accessories included.

BESTVA 600W LED Grow Light

The Bestva 600-watt LED grow light offers the advantage of a dual-chip design. Although it doesn’t offer as many advantages as the Philzon.

The Bestva offers its users with 10-watt chips, rather than the 3-watt chips found on the Galaxyhydro LED. This means that the Bestva is far more powerful than that of the Galaxyhydro 600-watt LED grow light.

The Bestva is for those that want the absolute brightest light on the market, at half the cost of most competitors.

Is the Galaxyhydro 600 Watt LED grow light too Good to be True?

This must the be question that’s had you doubting the Galaxyhydro 600 Watt LED grow light from the get-go. Although LED technology has proven itself to the agricultural industry, the cannabis community remains skeptical.

A glaring reason why many in the cannabis industry refuse to use LEDs is because of the mindset: if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. This philosophy has kept many talented growers away from this cutting-edge technology and stuck within the grips of power-hungry HID lighting.

Although it’s proven that LEDs reduce electricity bills significantly, many growers are willing to pay extra since High Times and other cannabis-centric lifestyle brands continue to show HIDs in the spotlight.

LEDs, just like HIDs, are lights that can be used to grow cannabis. The difference between the two is in the amount of light output, the heat generated, and the electricity consumed.

Novice growers that think they’ll produce a bumper crop harvest with a 1,000-watt HPS light may be
sorely disappointed when it comes to harvest time.

This is because the yield of a cannabis plant is based upon the skill of the grower, not the intensity of the light.
We know that lighting is necessary for a plant to grow, but there are 2 other significant factors that come into play when growing cannabis.

A professional grower will yield similar amounts, regardless if using HID or LED. When it comes to novice growers, LEDs actually make far more sense because they allow you to keep your environment under control.

LEDs produce less heat, which reduces the stress on your plants and will enable you to focus on the actual act of cultivation; rather than fumbling with cooling systems.

So, are LEDs too good to be true? Yes and no. As stated above, it’s up to the skill of each and every grower to produce a decent yield.

A beginner can have access to the best growing technology, yet ruin the harvest due to a lack of experience.

A professional can be left with minimal tools and inferior equipment, yet still, pull down a massive crop oozing with trichomes.

LEDs are a new and exciting method for growing cannabis, so it’s up to you to blaze the path and understand the various ways the LED systems can benefit you and your cannabis garden.

It’s for this reason that we’re providing an in-depth review of the Galaxyhydro 600w LED grow light – to put you in a position of understanding and confidence.

The Galaxyhydro 600 watt LED grow light has shown through countless years that it’s more than capable of decreasing your electricity use.

With so many advantages and features, we can only recommend that you give this blossoming technology a chance that it deserves.

Once you purchase the Galaxyhydro 600 watt LED grow light, it’ll surely be a part of your grow room through many years of harvests.


  • Can be daisy-chained together if you buy multiple Galaxyhydro systems
  • High-quality 3w Epiled chips
  • UV and IR function to stimulate plant growth and inhibit bacterial and fungal growth
  • Balanced red and white wavelengths provide an ideal growing environment


  • You must purchase all accessories
  • You don’t have control over the color spectrum
  • The 600-watt label doesn’t mean that this light produces 600-watts worth of lighting

Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED Grow Light

When searching for the ‘sweet spot’ of LED grow lights, we’ve always noticed that it’s found with LED lights that can cover a minimum of 4’x4’. This amount of space is commonly found in grow tents and makeshift grow rooms.

However, with so many different LED grow light designs on the market – we decided it’s time to sift through the chaff and find a top-level performer.

For this review, we’re using the Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED grow light to see how well it handles a 4’x4’ grow space and if it can push out our cannabis plants to the limit. Read along to see why we’re so keen on the Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED grow light – and why you need to consider it for your next indoor grow.

The first thing we did when our Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED grow light arrived at our door, we did what any other indoor grow enthusiast does – we tore the box apart to get straight to the goods.

What we found underneath a substantial amount of packaging was an artfully crafted LED grow light. The Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED grow light didn’t fail to impress upon the first inspection. Everything, from the driver to each diode – everything had a breath of confidence and craftsmanship.

After looking at the SF-4000 LED grow light over – we also noticed that it comes equipped with everything you need to set up the entire unit in a jiff. The main power cable is attached to the driver, and you’ll notice convenient rope hangers, hanger hooks, and a handy manual for installation.

We didn’t watch a video on setting up the Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED grow light – nor did we read the manual. However, we set this LED grow light system up in under 10-minutes – which is about as long as it took for our ginger tea to brew in the meantime.

In other words, setting up the Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED grow light is beyond simple. As long as you pre-drilled hangers into your ceiling or you already set up your indoor grow tent – then hanging this LED grow light is a breeze.

Let There Be Light

Once the Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED grow light was set up – it was time for the moment of truth. We turned the unit on, and we were immediately dazed by the full-spectrum light that cascaded from each diode.

It was a pleasant surprise; however, not all light is created equal. The reason behind this is the fact that plants rely on PAR-rated lighting, which is the type of light that they harness for photosynthesis.

After breaking out our light meters, we verified that the Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED grow light, and did in fact, push out a full-spectrum light that’s filled with the perfect color wavelengths.

After turning the Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED grow light, we understood why this beast of a grow light needs ample distance from your cannabis plant canopy. We felt that 18” was just right, which promoted rapid growth and leaves that reached for the sky.


Just as we had hoped – the Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED grow light covered a 4’x4’ space with ease. We quickly realized that this LED could cover up to a 6’x6’ grow space, which we felt was an added bonus.

Thanks to the efficient Samsung chips, the Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED grow light created an impressive amount of light without a significant boost in heat output. We found this to be incredible, especially when you consider that this LED unit is fanless.

Depending on the growing techniques that you choose to employ, along with plant count and overall size – the Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED grow light excels at illuminating a large amount of space.

Not only does the Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED grow light drench the cannabis canopy – but it also excels in penetrating the canopy to boost growth on lower leaves.

Once it was time for the flowering stage, which means the cannabis plant is at its maximum height, we noticed that a 5’x5’ space was ideal for a single Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED grow light. If you have a larger space than this, then it’s recommended to purchase a second to assure optimal growth.

All-in-all, the Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED grow light is a value-packed LED system. Although it’s not the cheapest LED light on the market – it does pump out an abundance of lumens that are sure to impress your cannabis plants.

Furthermore, the streamlined design and the implementation of high-end materials make a totally silent LED grow light. This fact is ideal for those who value their privacy or for those who can’t stand the never-ending hum of traditional LED or HID lighting systems.

Ultimately, the Spider Farmer only consumes 456-watts from the wall. This means that you’ll cut your electricity bill in half once you switch from energy-hungry HIDs.

We understand that it’s hard to have everything, such as reduced bills, increased yield, and decreased heat, but with the Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED grow light – you can.


  • Perfect for larger sized grow tents
  • Quantum boards for superb lighting
  • Well-built LED
  • Runs silent and reduces heat significantly


  • Some diodes dimmed well before the average lifespan
  • Plants can be bleached if placed too close to the LED

DormGrow G8LED 900 Watt Veg/Flower and 90W Flower Boosters Kit

We’ve sifted through top 3 LED grow light systems to provide you with an in-depth review of an award-winning LED system: The DormGrow G8LED 900 Watt Veg/Flower + 90W Flower Booster Kit.

When it comes to the LED market, there are thousands of options that can leave you utterly confused as to which is the best for your needs.

Read along to understand why it’s garnered so many coveted awards and why this model seems to fly off the shelves.

A Brief Introduction to DormGrow

DormGrow is an American LED light manufacturer that’s excelled in the lighting industry by producing a vast spectrum of top-of-the-line LED lighting products for the horticulture industry.

In our eyes, it’s always important to look at the company before diving into the product, and from here, DormGrow is fully committed to customer support, best price guarantees, discreet shipping methods, and even a 90-day money-back guarantee.

All of these factors bode well for any company because it shows that they stand behind their product.

Now, let’s take a look at what exactly they’re so staunchly standing behind to offer so many perks for current and would-be customers.

Build Quality of the DormGrow G8LED 900 Watt System and 90 Watt Flower Booster

First and foremost, the build quality is what we look at to determine a products’ value. The DormGrow G8LED 900 Watt system is a single-piece system that doesn’t require assembly.

The body is constructed out of durable and scratch-resistant aluminum, which also keeps its weight to a minimum. Coming in at 22-pounds (10.4-kg), this is one of the lighter systems around that can be easily hung from a wide variety of locations.

All the required certifications are there, which include ETL, UL, CSA, CE, and Rohs. This is a critical point that we always stress because these certifications represent the safety that should back your new LED from potentially hazardous issues.

The glass panel in front of the diodes does not feel cheap, and instead, feels very robust. All in all, when moving the G8LED 900-watt around, all the internal pieces don’t shift around.

Now, let’s move onto the 90-watt Flower Booster. It weighs a featherlight 5-pounds (2.2- kilograms) and is professionally constructed out of durable aluminum.

There’s nothing about this item that feels cheap, but instead, it feels as though it should cost more. The 90-watt Flower Booster is also fully certified with ETL, UL, CSA, CE, and Rohs.

For us, we’ll never review products that do not conform to these international standards as they prevent the risk of fire or electrical damage.

DormGrow G8LED 900 Watt System Light Spectrum

Let’s move onto another crucial part of the review – the G8’s light spectrum. First, the G8LED 900W is a full spectrum beast that contains a mix of 90° and 120° 3W diodes.

The mixture of the color spectrum includes everything from 380-740 nanometers. This means that your crucial blues, reds, oranges, and even white will be present in this fixture.

Additionally, the diodes push out UVA and UV, which plays a crucial role in plant growth.

If you didn’t know, then it’s exactly this range of colors that plants most effectively absorb – 380-740nm. In terms of colors that we can understand, these nanometers translate into red, blue, white, and orange.

Add all of these essential components together, and we’re looking at a full-spectrum LED that gives your plants everything they need.

According to our tests, the G8LED 900-watt LED system is right on the money regarding its claims of a maximum PAR rating of 1,580µmole/㎡/s. The PAR rating is measured in micromoles per square meter per second.

This rating shows how many photons hit the leaves per second, and the greater the number, the more efficient the light. This number was found by placing a sensor roughly 18” below the G8LED 900-watt LED system.

DormGrow 90 Watt Flower Booster Light Spectrum

Now it’s time to look into the 90W Flower Booster LED. This small – yet powerful – LED acts as supplemental lighting for its big brother – the 900W Veg/Flower LED system.

According to our measurements, the 90W Flower Booster LED pushes out 770µmole/㎡/s. The color wavelength is orange/red, which lands in the 600-650nm range.

It’s incredibly encouraging to see that this light emits the claimed amount of PAR, which adds to the companies claims and their trustworthiness.

DormGrow G8LED 900 Watt LED System Efficiency and Heat Production

The primary reason why most cannabis growers are transitioning to LEDs is primarily for a reduction in electricity consumption. The more energy you consume, the larger your electricity bill.

The G8LED 900-watt LED system pulls approximately 540W from the wall. This system is meant to replace a 1,000-watt HID, and at 540W, this LED will automatically cut your electricity bill in half.

Furthermore, at 540W, you won’t need to rely on a power-hungry AC-unit to continuously cool your grow room.

We ran the G8LED 900-watt LED system for hours in an enclosed room and barely noticed a significant change in room temperature. Its low wattage consumption and efficient fan design make for a quiet-running LED system that won’t turn your grow room into a furnace.

An additional benefit is that you can run the G8LED 900-watt LED system on a 110-240V outlet – as long as you have the proper connection.

We couldn’t be happier with the fact that this light can compete with 600-1,000W HID systems with a fraction of the demand in electricity.

The 90-watt Flower Booster LED performed just as well as it’s Veg/Flower counterpart. This supplemental LED consumes 80W from the wall (either 110-240V).

The heat produced from this workhorse doesn’t make a blip on the radar, and you can string an additional 90W Flower Booster LED at no penalty of heat production or high electrical costs.

DormGrow G8LED 900 Watt Veg/Flower and 90 Watt Flower Booster Kit Coverage

When growing cannabis indoors – efficiency is key. One of the crucial components to maintaining or increasing efficiency is by utilizing the proper LED to cover your plants.

If your outer plants receive less light than the plants in the middle – then the system is inefficient. However, the G8LED 900W Veg/Flower LED system covers 2.2㎡ or 24 sq.ft., which is adequate for up to 9-medium sized plants.

This is ample coverage for most home cultivators, which makes this LED system incredibly efficient for most growers.

The 90W Flower Booster LED has a maximum coverage of 3 ft. by 3 ft., which is surprisingly large for an LED that only draws 80W from the wall.

Who is This LED Grow Light Kit For?

Ultimately, DormGrow’s G8LED 900 Watt Veg/Flower and 90W Flower Booster Kit is perfect from home cultivators that are growing between 4-12 plants.

Of course, this number can be greatly increased by adding a second Veg/Flower LED or additional Flower Boosters. It performs exceedingly well within confined spaces and is as easy-as-it-gets when setting up.

Each of these LEDs is dead-simple to start using because they are stand-alone units. All you need to do is to flip the switch and let there be light.

DormGrow G8LED 900 Watt Veg/Flower and 90 Watt Flower Booster Competition

We know that Dorm Grow’s G8 LED series aren’t the only LEDs on the market. However, after searching far and wide, only a few come to mind.

The competition for the G8LED 900-watt Veg/Flower LED system is Viparspectra Reflector-Series 900W, PlatinumLED Platinum Series P900, and the Kingbo 900-Watt LED.

After comparing and contrasting each of these 900W LEDs, they G8LED 900-watt Veg/Flower LED system remained on top because of its ability to produce a sky-high PAR rating of 1,500+µmole.

The 90-watt Flower Booster, on the other hand, generates 770µmole and leaves the competition behind.

Expected Yield From the DormGrow G8LED 900 Watt Veg/Flower and 90 Watt Flower Booster Kit

Ultimately, the G8LED 900-watt Veg/Flower and 90-watt Flower Booster Kit will produce the maximum amount of flowers that a strain is capable of.

Yield is not entirely reliant upon lighting because water, nutrients, and other environmental factors play a significant role in the final

Each of these LED systems provides adequate lighting to allow your genetics to strive to the best of their ability, which should result in an abundant yield – time after time.

After spending countless hours viewing the DormGrow G8LED 900 Watt Veg/Flower + 90w Flower Booster Kit – our only gripe was the price.

However, even if the price falls in line with competitors, this kit’s features are too good to pass up.

Overall, this LED kit surprised us with its intense lighting at a fraction of the electrical output of traditional HIDs and cutting-edge plasma lighting.

We found that growers, from beginners to professionals, can easily transition over to this LED system because it’s so easy to use.

Aside from the small dent in your wallet, the G8LED 900-watt Veg Flower + 90-watt Flower Booster Kit are well worth your time.

It’s no wonder why DormGrow offers such incredible customer service and a long money-back guarantee – you’re likely not going to be returning it any time soon.

If you’re on the fence or ready to make the jump towards LEDs, there’s no better option than making the move with DormGrow’s G8LED 900-watt Veg/Flower + 90w Flower Booster Kit.


  • Award winning LED light
  • Trusted established brand
  • Full spectrum LED light plus booster kit
  • Premium build quality
  • Consistently rated 5 stars
  • 90-days money back guarantee


  • Price could be more competitive

LED: What Is It?

LED or (Light-emitting Diodes) is a form of lighting that comes in various colors depending on their intended use.

Initially because of the high cost compared to the end product, LED lighting was not a commonly used system for indoor growing.

But with the cost of LED grow lights reducing significantly over recent years and the technology advancing due to extensive research, LED has now become much more accessible to your average indoor cultivator.

LED lighting comes in a multitude of colors that have varying effects depending on which color or combination of colors are used.

Researches now know LED lighting effects both photosynthesis and morphology.

Red, far red, green and blue LED lights are known to affect plant growth, root formation, and flowering. Whereas white full spectrum offer plants a balanced recipe for all their needs.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a LED Grow Light

As with anything, it’s unwise to jump head first into something that you don’t fully understand.

If you’re considering to buy a LED grow light, then read along to become acquainted with this type of product before you make a substantial purchase.

Who’ll Benefit from Owning a LED Grow Light?

The individuals that will benefit from owning an LED grow light are those that absolutely want to reduce their electricity bill.

If you’ve grown cannabis with HID lighting, then you know how big of a surprise the electricity bill can be during the summer months.

HID lighting increases the heat in your room, so not only are you using an abundant amount of energy with the lights alone, but you also create the need to cool your room down with additional electricity through the use of an AC unit.

This pairing puts stress on your electricity consumption, which eventually results in an eye-popping electricity bill.

Growers who are looking to become cost-effective will benefit from using a LED grow light because they emit far less heat, which decreases the strain on your AC unit.

Another type of grower that will benefit from owning a LED grow light is one that is compelled to reduce his or her carbon footprint.

Each HID light provides a massive amount of lighting, but at an environmental cost. The more electricity that’s consumed is directly the result of power plants producing this energy.

Growers who cultivate cannabis in small places are also a large contingent who’ll benefit from using LEDs. Smaller rooms require less intense lighting, and they become heat traps when a HID system is placed within.

There’s no reason why you’d place a 1,000-watt HPS light inside of a 2’x2’ grow tent as this would destroy your crop quickly unless you have an incredibly efficient AC system in place.

Just like growers using small spaces, hobbyist growers that would like to experiment with cannabis cultivation will benefit from LEDs because they incur small electricity bills, reduce the need for AC systems, and are far more eco-friendly.

Who Won’t Benefit From an LED Grow Light

The main individuals that won’t benefit from an LED grow light are commercial producers.

Those who are obligated to provide hundreds or thousands of pounds of cannabis will normally use traditional lighting (HIDs) or commercial-specific plasma lighting.

Although professional growers use LED grow lights, major producers are used to cultivating marijuana with metal halide and high-pressure sodium bulbs.

Most commercial operations are fully outfitted with AC systems and environmental controllers that allow the grow room to be completely automated.

This doesn’t mean that their method is efficient since they can drastically reduce their operating costs by incorporating LEDs into their operation.

What You Need to Think About Before Buying an LED Grow Light

Now that you know who will benefit from owning an LED grow light let’s take a look at what you need to think about before becoming a part of the LED community.

Why Are You Buying an LED Grow Light, Anyways?

You need to remember why you’re doing this in the first place. It’s crucial that you remember that you aren’t willing to pay the high price of electricity due to HID lighting.

LED grow light technology is new, but it’s been proven by the agricultural industry. When you consider it, the high price of electricity makes your cannabis cultivation endeavors null because you’re essentially paying more rather than if you paid the retail cost of cannabis products at a storefront dispensary.

Now’s the time to produce cannabis on your own time, all while paying less and becoming self-sufficient.

How Many Plants Will You Grow?

This is a fundamental question that you must ask yourself, regardless of the type of lighting system that you intend on using. The number of plants that you grow will directly affect the type of LED grow light that you should purchase.

Most cannabis-friendly states allow residents to grow up to 6 mature cannabis plants, but this isn’t always the case. There are states that allow only 3, and others allow upwards of 9.

Some states allow you to act as a caregiver to others and increase your plant count. This issue is further complicated if you’re one of the lucky few to have received a cultivators’ license from your local jurisdiction.

In general, 4 plants within a square meter will benefit from a 600-watt LED grow light. The higher you raise your lights to accommodate for more plants, the PAR (photosynthetic photon flux) value becomes increased.

When the light density for photosynthesis increases, the less light your plant receives. This is why it’s crucial for you to consider your plant count and plant size to make sure that your

LED grow light is sufficient. If your LED grow light is too large for your space, you become inefficient. The same occurs if you buy a too small LED grow light, which leads to inefficiency.

To realize the benefits of LED technology, you must find the ideal balance by accommodating the correct number of plants.

How Large is Your Grow Room?

If you’re growing within a 2’x2’ closet space, then you’ll have a far easier time finding an adequate LED grow light.

If your grow area is a 15’x 15’, then you’ll need to place multiple LED grow lights at strategic points to ensure your entire marijuana canopy is covered.

When growing in larger areas, you’ll need to have a pre-determined plan that considers how tall your plants will be, how many plants, and their exact location.

If you can provide all of these details, then you’ll be better equipped to purchase the correct amount of LED grow lights.

What’s Your Budget?

Unfortunately, LED products still command a high price. These devices are cost-effective in the long run, so it’s essential that you understand that there will be a significant upfront cost when purchasing a new LED grow light.

Similar to the solar industry, the upfront cost scares away many, but the long-term savings pay for the unit and then some in as little as a year of use.


After looking at the pros and cons of the 3 LED grow lights that we’ve featured in today’s review, our top pick is the Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED Grow Light.

When on a budget, or if you’re a beginner to intermediate grower, then you can’t go to far wrong when opting for the newest Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED Grow Light.

With superb build quality, plus starting from an excellent price point, the Spider Farmer Grow Light is fantastic value for money.

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