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Best Hygrometer

Last Updated: February 2, 2024
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens

As most growers will undoubtedly be aware, hygrometers are instruments designed to measure the amount of water vapor in soil, in air, or in confined spaces and they come in exceedingly handy when monitoring the stability and growth of your plants.

Hygrometers have been around since the late 15th century in one form or another but in the last few decades have become much more accurate, reliable and useful as their ability to collect pertinent data and convey it simply and quickly has increased tenfold.

Modern hygrometers come in an array of models and styles and their functionality can vary widely depending on your budget and the way in which you intend to use the product.

Most growers can find the best hygrometer for their setup relatively easily and at fairly affordable prices, but if you have the budget and desperately need to know the DewPoint of your rooms or require super exact measurements then a top of the range hygrometer (of the type used on weather stations) could set you back upwards of $1000.

However, most growers don’t need that level of accuracy or exactitude and as such there are much more affordable, efficient and complicated hygrometers on the market.

To help you sift through the many available options, we here at The Highest Crop have come up with this list to help you identify the best hygrometer on the market and crucially the best hygrometer for you.

Our Reviews

ThermoPro Indoor Hygrometer

The ThermoPro Indoor Hygrometer is one of the most well-known and respected hygrometers available on the market today.

Designed to provide super accurate measurements and quick updates, this combination of thermometer and hygrometer can measure temperature with pinpoint accuracy between -50 Degrees Celsius and 70 Degrees Celsius and can output the reading in Celsius or Fahrenheit depending on individual preference.

With a clever and innovative room climate indicator, the ThermoPro Indoor Hygrometer is able to show the current climate in funny, emoji-like symbols for ease of use.

If the room is too dry or too damp the smiley face will appear as a sad face and you will know instantly that you need to take action to rectify the climate balance in your room.

With the ability to store both maximum and minimum temperatures since the last reset, the ThermoPro Indoor Hygrometer allows users to monitor and track temperature patterns across long periods to ensure a stable, growing temperature.

This hygrometer is able to be mounted in three distinct ways depending on room dynamics and once set up is as unobtrusive as it is easy to use.


  • Excellent temperature range
  • Helps track patterns in temperature
  • Clear and easy to use interface


  • Screen can become difficult to see in bright light

Govee Bluetooth Hygrometer

The Govee Bluetooth Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer is a modern, innovative and stylish hygrometer that pulls temperature data collection into the twenty-first century.

Designed with a clever, easy to use, LCD display that offers real-time feedback on everything from temperature, humidity and comfort setting.

The comfort setting, which ranges from dry, comfort, and wet keeps you aware of your home situation at a glance.

Meticulously and diligently designed and created this product features a built-in Swiss-made thermometer hygrometer sensor that provides top-of-the-range, precise monitoring.

You can also remotely monitor both the temperature and humidity by linking the Govee Bluetooth Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer with the Govee Home app, allowing you to keep up to date with the latest information about your room’s vital statistics.

Even more impressively, the app allows you to set a smart notification alert that instantly sends an alert notification directly to your phone as soon as the temperature or humidity breaches the preset range.

No longer will you be held hostage to temperamental rooms that fluctuate between being too hot or too cold and damaging your plants, with this hygrometer you can relax knowing that you are always on the ball and your plants and room temperature, remain perfect.


  • Great price
  • Highly rated
  • Well-known brand
  • Compact and sleek
  • Highly accurate


  • Some users may find app integration complex

PROTMEX Hygrometer

For a more on the job, premium growing hygrometer, the PROTMEX Hygrometer represents excellent value for money.

A new and innovative type of digital humidity and temperature meter, this product has the combined functionality of thermometer, hygrometer, wet bulb monitor and dew point monitor as well.

Perfect for getting data on the most important and growth-critical areas of monitoring, this device allows you to accurately and quickly gather the essential information that you need to keep your plant in the best possible health.

With an impressive humidity range of 0 to 100% and an equally astounding temperature range of between -20 Degrees Celsius and 60 Degrees Celsius, the PROTMEX MS6508 Temperature humidity meter Thermometer Hygrometer is capable of providing you with every piece of pertinent information you require to grow a successful crop.

This hygrometer is incredibly multifunctional and has an excellent data retention and data storage ability alongside a clever unit conversion function, a nice backlight, and automatic shutdown modes.

Its high accuracy sensor display up to date and meticulous information on its large LCD display that ingeniously glows brighter in the darkness and saves battery by powering off after 15 seconds of none use.


  • Impressive humidity range
  • Battery saving functionality
  • Professional level device


  • May be overly complex for the standard grower

IPOWER Digital Hygrometer

The iPower Digital Hygrometer Thermometer is a two in one hygrometer that measures temperature and humidity every ten seconds to ensure up-to-date, accurate, and clear confirmation of a room’s atmosphere.

With a wide measuring range of between -10 Degrees Celsius and 50 Degrees Celsius, this hygrometer shows temperature figures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit for your convenience.

The humidity sensor in the device is also incredibly accurate and can measure humidity from ten percent all the way to 99%.

Featuring a magnet-mountable design, the iPower Digital Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer can be folded out and used on a table or can hang from any wall where you can check the growing environment at your leisure.

Able to show the current comfort level with three distinct categories, this hygrometer has been created with a slick, clean, touchscreen interface that is perfect for providing clear, accurate measurements instantaneously.

The iPower Digital Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer also stores all of your minimum and maximum temperatures, and you can either check the last 24 hours or if you want to perform a more in-depth study then you can also get data from “all-time”, thus allowing you to measure the consistent temperature across a longer period for greater accuracy.

A fantastic and easy-to-use hygrometer, this product makes changing your growing environment incredibly easy at an affordable price.


  • Instantaneous temperature measurements
  • Detailed temperature pattern functionality
  • Incredible humidity range


  • Some users have had difficulty switching from Celsius to Fahrenheit

VIVOSUN Digital Hygrometer

The VIVOSUN Digital Hygrometer is one of the most affordable digital hygrometers available on the market today.

And yet unexpectedly this hygrometer also has a great and effective range of features that any grower would be happy to make use of.

Available with an impressive one-year guarantee that removes the worry from the purchase, growers can be confident in the hygrometers longevity.

With a remote range of 200 feet or 60 meters, this particular model is able to have up to 3 wireless sensors connected and works indoors or outdoors for your convenience.

Coming with a large, easy-to-read, backlit, LCD touch screen that can accurately convey temperature and humidity in almost any environment.

Again the hygrometer comes with a variety of mounting options that include; wall-mountable, magnet mountable (ideal for fridges) or able to comfortably be settled on any sturdy tabletop.

With a tremendously competitive sale price, a one-year guarantee against damage or faults, and the ability to accurately and quickly alter your growing environment at will, the VIVOSUN Digital Indoor Thermometer and Hygrometer is a standout product that any grower would be proud to use.


  • Easy to read, backlit LCD display
  • Multiple mounting functions
  • Excellent price


  • May require purchase of additional products for optimal performance

Hygrometer Buyers Guide

As you can see there is a lot of information and specifications to consider when trying to pick the best hygrometer.

So before we make our decision it is important to highlight some areas that you need to think about before making your decision.

Temperature & Humidity Range

The first and potentially most important point is how well these particular hygrometers measure the temperature and humidity.

Some of the devices we have covered have a greater range for temperature and humidity than other models we have reviewed, whether these are suited to your needs, depends precisely on what you intend to grow and what is that plants optimal temperature and humidity.

Additionally, whilst all of the hygrometers we have reviewed today have the functionality to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, some of the hygrometers are technically more complex to use and as such you need to consider how au fait you are with technology and if you would prefer a simpler, more streamlined hygrometer and thermometer.

Conversely, if your growing environment is particularly volatile and changeable and you require instant updates about the humidity and temperature to ensure proper plant growth, then perhaps one of the hygrometers that provide alert notifications will give you peace of mind.

Display & Functionality

It’s no use purchasing a top-of-the-range hygrometer and then being able to read or decipher the data that is provided.

Luckily for you all of the hygrometers covered in this review have clean, slick and easy to read displays that present the information to the user with minimal fuss.

Some however do become blurred in particularly brightly lit environments, so if you intend to use the hygrometers in such an environment perhaps it would be best to choose a more durable, light adaptable hygrometer that you can be sure to present the information correctly regardless of the light in the room.

The overall functionality of the hygrometer should also be considered in relation to your specific needs.

Some of the hygrometers we have reviewed have much greater functionality than some of the others but if you require a basic hygrometer and thermometer having a product that has multiple bells and whistles may be overkill when you just want a simple, efficient and helpful product to suit your particular grow.

Of course having a hygrometer with a greater range of functionality and multiple different features may actually be something you know you need or potentially will need in the near future.

In that case, investing in a top of the range, all singing all dancing hygrometer now may save you time and money in the long run and potentially stop you from having to purchase multiple hygrometers with ever increasing functionality.

Data Storage

Many growers need not only to know the current temperature now, but to also know what the overall pattern of temperature has been over a given time frame.

Some of the hygrometers we have covered have the ability to store and help you analyze data over long periods, and this helps you to better optimize your environment and helps you remove any potential atmospheric problems from the environment.

However, not all of the hygrometers we have covered have such a capability to store such large amounts of data and some only store the data from the last reset time or even the last twenty four hours.

It’s important therefore to think about whether you will need, and more importantly actually use this functionality to accurately and diligently track the temperature data, or would you be purchasing a model and a feature that is surplus to requirements.

Additional Tech Feature

The hygrometers we have covered in this review also have varying degrees of technological capabilities as well.

Whilst some of the hygrometers we have covered give you the temperature just from the LCD display screen, others have the ability to connect with mobile apps that allow you to get temperature and humidity updates on the go and keep track of the most pertinent changes when you need to.

If you are particularly technologically capable and will utilize this function then it is certainly capable of giving you that peace of mind you are looking for.

Less technologically adept users though may find the function overly complex and not particularly necessary for a simpler, easier grow and they may also not want to be bothered by alert notifications at sporadic moments throughout the day.

If you would like to have an up to date knowledge of the latest atmospheric changes though, these instant alert notifications that can be sent through to your mobile, allow you to keep abreast of the most significant changes and allow you to then alter the environment to help alleviate any areas of concern.

Complexity & Consumer Need

The complexity of both the hygrometers and your individual requirements should definitely be something you consider.

One of the hygrometers in particular is designed for more experienced, professional growers and as such uses a much more functional design which many would consider plain and simple, yet allows the product to focus on providing more in depth and detailed information than many of the other hygrometers.

If however, you are a less experienced grower and need something with less in depth information and need a display screen that also looks modern and good then one of the more standard hygrometers will probably serve you better.

Always remember to purchase the product that best suits your needs and that there is no requirement to purchase professional grade, expensive hygrometers and thermometers for your average home grower.

Price & Affordability

We here at THC always advise that the most important thing to consider before making a purchase is your individual budget.

Always ask the question “can you afford the model you want to buy?”

If the answer is no, then that option should be off the table and you need to look at more affordable, more suitable products that fall within your price range.

If you are one of the lucky few for which money is no object then we still suggest you exercise caution.

“Expensive” does not automatically equate to “better” and having a list of your particular needs and maintaining a reasonable budget will mean that you are getting the most out of your money and purchasing the product which is most right for you.

Your specific budget should inform your decision making choice just as much as your individual needs and requirements, so take the time to really think about what you can afford and if that particular model offers you all of the functionality that you really need.


After taking into account all the pros, cons, and features of the hygrometers we have reviewed the one we have chosen as our pick for the best hygrometer available is the Govee Bluetooth Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer.

The Govee Hygrometer & Thermometer represents the future of hygrometers with its ability to keep growers up to date about significant temperature and humidity changes that occur even when they are away from their homes and their precious grows.

The clever and slick design along with an easy-to-use and intuitive touch screen means that growers of all ages and experience will benefit from this modern, innovative, and most importantly affordable leap forward in hygrometer technology.

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