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Best Grow Tents

Last Updated: April 30, 2020
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens

Whilst there’s an abundance of grow tent options out there, It’s difficult to know what company makes the best grow tents?

When starting a grow tent setup, the decision of what grow tent to buy can sometimes be a time consuming and difficult process.

The majority of growers are right to feel a little bit bewildered by it all, especially with the amount of choice available.

To be honest there’s actually not much variation between models as many are carbon copies of each other commonly incorporating the exact same specifications and design.

Which causes a bit of a problem, as the only way to then differentiate between the multitude is to go online and trawl through site after site wasting valuable growing time…

The solution? The Highest Crop!

We want to make the process of picking the best grow tents for your grow tent setup an easy one.

So in this article, we’ll be talking about some of the best grow tents available that meet most growers requirements.

Whilst at the same time being highly rated and offering YOU the grower, minimal to no light leakage, quality materials, strong build quality, and innovative design.

We’ve decided to do this from a different perspective, so rather than the best grow tent models, we’ll be talking about the best grow tent brands as a whole.

Our Reviews

Topolite Grow Tent

If you want low to mid-range quality at low prices, then the TopoLite grow tent could be the way to go. With an average rating of four-plus stars and nearly 100% positive reviews, you can be assured somewhat of TopoLites reliability.

One of the main pluses for the TopoLite range are the sizes they come in, with most people struggling to find adequate space in this day and age, TopoLite has you covered.

Their smaller sized grow tents are ideal for beginners that may want to initially house their set-ups in small closets, etc.

Sizes generally start from 24″x 24″x 48″ upwards and can accommodate most peoples requirements.

Build quality is another feature commonly rated high in TopoLite grow tents. The frames on most models are not only made of sturdy, well-built metal but also very easy to assemble. The only downside we could see was the three-way connectors made of plastic.

Generally, the material that sits on the frame is of a thick, durable 600D Oxford cloth, not the best, but not the worst either, it’s pretty standard.

Integrated into the cloth are high-quality zippers, and some models will also incorporate observation windows for easy viewing. A 96% highly reflective Mylar film is used throughout most of the grow tent interiors.

Some problems have been reported of leaking, light leakage, and sub-par materials, but that seems to come from when the tent is bought from unreliable sellers or not properly assembled. But overall, quality not bad for the price.

Most grow tents from TopoLite come with multiple ventilation socks, that incorporate high quality made drawstrings for fastening, also included are four nylon belts, one hanging bar and two removable floor trays.

Prices for the TopoLite grow tent range are very reasonable, in fact, it’s one of TopoLites most attractive features, they range anywhere from forty dollars upwards.

When on a budget and looking for a grow tent for your set-up, a TopoLite grow tent may be the way to go.

It has everything a beginner really needs, from reliable mid-range build quality, right down to its amazing starting price, you’re unlikely to be disappointed.


  • Excellent in terms of sizes available
  • Good starting price point
  • Generally positive feedback


  • Standard build quality
  • Faults reported when bought from unreliable sellers


Vivosun is probably one of the most well know brands in the growing community, with hundreds of grow tents sold globally and consistently rated four stars and above, the majority of cultivators know they’re in safe hands.

Vivosun know the grow tent market like the back of their hand, they also know to be as well known and successful as they are, they need to provide quality grow tents in all sizes, and that’s exactly what they do.

From small to extra large, there’s a multitude of options available to suit most growers needs. So you can be sure you’ll find something to match your grow room requirements.

The material across most of the Vivosun range is made out of 600D cloth with a 98% Mylar reflective film interior. Not too shabby at all, most are double stitched with heavy-duty zippers incorporated.

For access into most Vivosun grow tent models, the door is normally positioned to the front and opens up in a T shape (other designs are available). For some, this isn’t great access wise, but for most growers, this is completely fine and offers more than enough room.

The frames offered are of sturdy metal or plastic, so are variable in price depending on what version you opt for. This can be beneficial for people on a budget, but I would personally always opt for the metal frame construction.

Most models come with observation windows, but there are exceptions. If observation windows are an important factor for your grow room setup, then be sure you’ve added the right model to your basket.

Grow tents from the Vivosun range include your standard vents, one removable floor tray, hanging bar/s, fastening belts and even a mesh tool belt which is sewn into the interior panel wall with some models.

Reported problems from the Vivosun range are of light leakage, inferior zippers, and tears in the material.

This is to be expected the more popular you become, as with more products sold the more chance of defects or faults appearing. Yes, it’s a fairly small proportion to the amount sold, but it’s still worth considering.

Prices for the Vivosun range, although not the most expensive, could be slightly better. There are options out there that offer similar quality for a bit cheaper.

But with being an established brand as Vivosun are, comes established prices, and most growers that use Vivosun grow tents have no complaints.

Vivosun is a well known trusted brand, that you can’t go far wrong with when choosing one of their grow tents for your setup.

If you are one of the unlucky few that experience problems. Then don’t panic, Vivosun are quite good at rectifying any problems and often offer a two-year warranty on all their products.

All in all, Vivosun are highly recommended by a lot of indoor growers.


  • Established brand
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Metal frame & joins
  • 98% Mylar reflective film interior
  • 2-Warranty


  • Price could be better
  • Faulty parts have been reported

Gorilla Grow Tent

Gorilla, probably one of the most well known and respected names when it comes to grow tents. They’ve sold hundreds globally and are discussed on most grow forums at some point or another.

There’s just no getting away from Gorilla when starting your own set-up, so let’s take a look.

A real strong point for the Gorilla range is the many sizes their tents come in, starting from 2 x 2.5, all the way up to 10 x 20. They really do have options for everyone, on top of this, extension kits are also available.

Gorilla prides itself on its build quality, encompassing quality materials throughout its whole range.

The canvas material used in all models is of 1680D density cloth, this sits on strong metal frames that use 19mm – 22mm thick poles in its construction. The frames utilize an interlocking system rather than your cheaper plastic connectors.

Models across the whole range have the ability to be extended upwards, with patent-pending technology, not just your normal side to side. Which gives them a distinct advantage over their competitors, and provides a lot more growing room.

The interior across all models incorporates a highly reflective diamond material blend technology, meaning greater grow light reflection, light distribution, and fewer heat spots.

In Gorillas Lite Line models, a cutting edge peva binding technique is used to merge the exterior canvas and diamond reflective interior, Gorilla claim this provides more rigidity over some competitor models.

All models come with observation windows, multiple ducting/porting with the ability of duel cinching and mesh tool pockets sewn into the side panels interior. There’s a removable floor tray and various fastenings also included.

Access is normally from the front, with the flaps opening in a T-shape or side variation. Some models will also have smaller rear access flaps integrated as well.

It’s not all positive from the Gorilla range though, with a brand as big as they are, that sells hundreds of tents worldwide, you’re always going to have mixed reviews.

Some of the more common complaints can be of build quality compared to the price, pinhole light leakage, air leakage, faulty zippers and poor seam quality resulting in tears.

As you’d expect from one of the leading providers of grow tents, the prices are far more expensive compared to its competitors.

But the prices seem justified by many, as the build quality is thought to be far superior. They generally start from around two hundred dollars upwards.

There’s no denying Gorilla are the top dogs at present in the grow tent market, at least in terms of popularity anyway. And rightly so some would say, as they’ve produced quality products for many years.

But when considering the use of Gorilla grow tents in your set-up, you’ll inevitably come to the conclusion you’ll be spending a lot more money.

What you must decide as a cultivator, is does the end product justify the initial cost? For the many growers using their tents, the answer is yes.


  • Quality Materials
  • Build quality excellent
  • Established, well-known brand
  • Sizes that meet most growers requirements
  • Innovative & always improving


  • Expensive, price could be more competitive

AgroMax Grow Tent

Agromax/HTGSupply is a very popular and well thought of brand, it’s commonly discussed on growing forums when anyone asks about the best grow tents available.

Although they have a varied selection, one of the better-known ones is the Agromax motherkeeper grow tent.

Sizes are varied and start from small to extra large from most online retailers, fitting everyone’s needs.

Although the Agromax is a pretty well known and trusted brand, it’s your pretty standard fare when it comes to build quality.

It’s in no way bad, in fact, it’s very good in terms of competing with the other mid-range brands. But that’s the problem, for the Agromax to keep up with the better more innovative brands, it needs to consistently improve.

The frames are generally made of sturdy metal, incorporating the interlocking system for its connections rather than the cheaper plastic ones, which is always a plus.

The shell in basic models is of your standard 680D heavy-duty nylon skin, with good quality Mylar reflective film to the interior.

Some come with easy view observation windows and have multiple well-placed ports that are adjustable for different configurations. A heavy-duty zipper and double-stitched seams are incorporated to help with light leakage.

Access into most of the Agromax models mainly comes from the front panel/s but larger models have rear panels and access from the side panels as well, again this is personal preference and individual to the grower.

With most models, a removable waterproof floor tray is standard, as are the fastenings.

Out of all the mid-range grow tents, the Agromax is probably one of the more expensive brands. With prices generally starting from a seventy dollars upwards.

The Agromax is a well-known producer of good quality, variable-sized grow tents. But in this day and age, is that all that’s really required?

There are many happy customers for sure, but with the market expanding it opens up many more options for people to choose from.

It’s above the lower end tents for sure and even most mid-range tents as well, but it’s definitely not the best out there at present, and the price could always be more competitive.


  • Established well-known brand
  • Above average materials
  • Good build quality


  • Price could be better
  • Availability from online retailers isn't great

Virtual Sun Grow Tent

Virtual Sun is another brand that has a firm foothold in the grow tent market, it’s not blowing people away with anything revolutionary. But instead, quietly going about its business offering quality products at affordable prices.

Not as many sizes from major retailers as some other brands in the same category, but enough variability to satisfy most.

With your standard solid metal frame, 600D Oxford cloth and Mylar reflective film interior in most models, it more than exceeds the requirements for the mid-range market.

Of course, it doesn’t meet everyone’s expectations, problems are often reported about the hanging bars not sufficiently holding weight, light leakage, inferior zippers, and cheaply made material.

Thankfully this is a rarity, again could possibly be down to third-party suppliers.

Most of The Virtual Sun range incorporates metal frames that interlock, but you can still find models with the plastic corner connectors.

They also come with multiple ventilation ports, but unfortunately, the majority have no observation windows.

Most models allow access from the front panels in a T-shape. Some will prefer this, others opt for tents that allow front and side panels to open for easier access and working room, but it all comes down to personal choice.

Prices normally start in the forty-plus dollar range, all the way up to just under two hundred dollars. Build quality doesn’t seem to change with price, so we’d advise sticking to the smaller tents with Virtual Sun.

Virtual Sun is a brand that knows it’s business, it’s a no-frills, does what it says on the tin product that offers the basics, but sometimes the basics are all you need, and many happy customers agree.


  • Well-known brand
  • Build quality is great compared to price point
  • Good budget pick


  • Sizes are limited

IPOWER Grow Tent

IPOWER is another well recognized and popular grow tent, that would normally compete with the likes of Vivosun, etc.

They’ve sold hundreds of tents globally and four and above star ratings are the norm for this grow tent brand. Every year that passes, IPOWERS reputation grows stronger in the growing community.

A selection of sizes are available from big online retailers, but not the most varied that we’ve come to see from other brands.

Build quality is much better than your entry-level beginner grow tents.

With a strong all-metal frame featuring an interlocking system across most sizes, rather than the standard three-way plastic connectors, and weight-bearing capabilities in some models of up to 110lbs, you know you’re getting a much more refined product.

With a heavy-duty shell and an average 95% Mylar reflective film interior, it sits comfortably in that mid-range bracket.

The door flap incorporates your standard heavy-duty zipper and when opened takes away approximately two panels, which for some offers more room to work and easy access in and out.

As well as the above, most models have multiple duel ventilation socks, and mesh ports are incorporated into the panel walls.

They also come with one waterproof removable floor tray, and secure straps for fastening.

With the above being said, be careful from who and where you buy your IPOWER tent from, problems have sometimes arisen from buying stock from unscrupulous sellers, resulting in missing or inadequate parts.

The IPOWER range fits nicely into that mid-range category, not the cheapest available, but won’t break the bank either. Making IPOWER accessible to a large majority of growers.

You can’t go far wrong with these established mid-range brands, they offer exactly what’s on the tin. Problems should be few and far between, which eases any worries you may have when starting your grow set-up.


  • Established brand
  • Above average build quality
  • Competitively priced
  • Metal joins


  • Faulty or missing parts when bought from unscrupulous sellers

Viparspectra Grow Tent

Viparspectra, although not massively known, is another range of grow tents that fit into the category for the reasonably priced beginner-intermediate.

Star-wise it rates favorably, consistently rated at four stars and above.

There’s not a lot of sizes available in the Viparspectra range from the big online retailers. But the sizes that are available do quite well.

In terms of material, most models come in the standard 600D Oxford cloth and slightly higher than normal 98% Mylar reflective film interior. With a double stitched, integrated heavy-duty zipper to keep light leakage to a minimum.

The frame across most sizes is of strong metal design and opts for the interlocking connection rather than the three-way plastic connectors, which is a plus.

Observation windows are present in some models, but it does come with mesh anti-mosquito screens and ventilation.

As well as the above, multiple ventilation socks are present, one removable floor tray and also fastening belts.

It’s fairly basic in design but does provide the beginner with another strong reliable alternative to the grow tents already out there.

The Viparspectra range is slightly more expensive than it’s rivals, but in certain areas seems to have a lot more positive reviews.

In summary, the Viparspectra is not the best out there, but it’s certainly not the worst either. If you’re just starting out growing, the Viparspectra is another very good option


  • Metal joins
  • Good price compared to build quality
  • 98% Mylar reflective film interior


  • Not a well-known established brand
  • Sizes could be better
  • Only standard 600D Oxford cloth

BloomGrow Grow Tent

BloomGrow, this is a grow tent range that appeals to the beginner or anyone on a budget and would compete with the likes of TopoLite and OppoLite in the grow tent market.

But by no means look on this as a negative, as BloomGrow produces a good mid-range quality tent, and at a very reasonable price to boot.

BloomGrow tents come in a variety of sizes, more often than not, sizes available online are on the smaller side, starting at 16″ x 16″ x 48″. But for the beginner or anyone wanting a smaller set-up, this is definitely a plus.

Build quality for the price is very good. Very few grow tent manufacturers can offer the same quality of build, at these prices. With its 600D cloth and 96% Mylar reflective film interior it’s not too shabby, light leakage if any is kept to a minimum.

The 16 mm poles making up the frame are not the thickest you’ll find, but it’s more than adequate for most cultivators.

The door flap is often to the front in most models, it opens up to approximately two panels width, encompassing the side as it does for easy access.

They come with two mesh vents for greater filtration, multiple ventilation socks, one removable floor tray, and two nylon belts.

This is a strong point for BloomGrow, their range of tents are readily available at affordable prices, starting in the forty dollar range, making BloomGrow exceptionally good value.

The BloomGrow range is definitely right there in the mix, making grow tents available to every section of the growing community.

With their exceptional prices and more than acceptable build quality. The BloomGrow grow tent should definitely be considered in your search, and shouldn’t be dismissed so easily.


  • Price is excellent
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Good build quality compared to price point
  • Ideal brand for the beginner


  • Although growing in reputation, Bloomgrow is still a relative unknown
  • The metal poles are not the thickest (16mm)

Octane Grow Tent

Who is Octane? Octane is a brand of grow tent made by a start-up company called (Liquid Jade) they sell themselves as a company that sells grow tents that are built for growers by growers.

Their aim is to build the highest quality tents available for you, the consumer.

They’ve set themselves high standards, and it seems those standards are being well and truly met. With 100% of reviewers rating their product five stars.

The Octane is not the best in terms of sizes available, but it’s something most cultivators can forgive. Especially when you’re getting a product as well made as this. Typical sizes available from popular retailers are 48″ x 48″ x 80″.

This is where the Octane range comes into its own. The build quality is…well quite honestly, exceptional. Liquid Jade boast of the strongest tents on the market, and with the 1680D Oxford cloth and a 100% highly reflective Mylar film, they’re not off to a bad start.

The sturdy frame is made up of 22-25 mm tubular metal poles with a superb interlocking system. So you know your frame will sit snug and secure. On top of this, Octane put their tents through rigorous weight testing with up to 300lbs of weight.

Light leakage? What light leakage! With zippers made of heavy-duty quality material and smooth action, light leakage shouldn’t be a problem.

Another plus for the Octane is it’s versatility factor, having been tested with multiple growing cultures and systems the success of your crop is virtually assured.

With multiple observation windows, ducts, four hanger poles, two Velcro hanging straps and innovative high-quality roll-up door for easy access, what more could you ask for!

Yes, the Octane range is expensive compared to some, but when you’re taking your growing to the next level, does spending a bit extra to produce the best possible product, matter all that much?

In summary, the Octane grow tent is an excellent piece of equipment and assures quality. It’s built by growers, for growers.

Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s also innovative and an excellent piece of kit. If your tired of the same old same old, go with Octane. You won’t be disappointed.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Some of the best materials used throughout
  • Accessories included
  • Weight tested with up to 300lbs of weight
  • Metal frame
  • 1680D Oxford cloth
  • Top rated


  • Sizes could be better
  • Unknown brand to most growers
  • More expensive compared to similar sized tents

Oppolite Grow Tent

Hovering around the same mid-range market is the OppoLite grow tent. The qualities of the OppoLite range are just as well known as all of the above.

With average star ratings of four and above, you can be reassured you’re making a good choice by opting for a grow tent from OppoLite.

Again another strong point for the OppoLite range is that they come in a multitude of sizes, meeting the requirements of a large selection of indoor growers. They generally start from 16″x 16″x 48″ to as large as 120″ x 120″ x 78″.

The build quality of the OppoLite range is very similar to the TopoLite range. They’re of sturdy construction with powder-coated metal frames and incorporate the metal interlocking system across most sizes, unlike TopoLite.

The tents themselves are normally 600D lightproof Oxford cloth and 96% Mylar reflective film interior as standard.

The integrated zippers come double stitched to keep out any light leaks, and multiple mesh vents are also included. As well as one waterproof floor tray, and nylon belts for fastening.

Prices vary but again are a strong point for the brand. The smaller grow tents start from a competitively forty dollar range upwards. Making it strong competition for the TopoLite.

In short, OppoLite is a very good alternative to TopoLite, that has good quality written all over it, as well as being highly rated by its owners.

With its sturdy build and competitive price, it’s well worth considering in your grow tent search.


  • Sizes to suit most growers requirements
  • Good price point


  • Build quality is pretty standard and could be better


In summary, to anyone just starting off in the indoor grow world, there would seem to be a plethora of choice out there when searching for the best grow tents.

But in actual fact, when looking more closely and breaking them down into sections, you’ll find a large majority of the so-called best grow tents, are of a very similar cost, build and design.

Which makes the decision of what grow tent to buy for your grow tent setup, a far more simpler one.

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