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Best Grow Tent Kits

Last Updated: February 2, 2024
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens

Grow tents kits offer the most flexibility because they create a contained environment that’s easy to clean, build, break down, and grow cannabis in. These convenient grow tent kits have become even more value-packed because of the many extras included.

Join us as we sift through the best grow tent kits currently available, and make your decision of what kit to buy even easier.

Our Reviews

HighDroGro The Dream Box - Complete Ready to Grow Tent Kit

The HighDroGro Dream Box is an exceptional kit at an exceptional price.

If you really are searching for an all-in-one complete grow tent kit to get started straight away, then this kit by HighDroGro offers everything you need.

The grow tent is not the biggest on our list, but the included equipment and accessories more than make up for it and is a fantastic option for beginners or expert growers.

Voted best grow tent in 2018 by High Times, the HighDroGro complete grow tent kit includes everything from your grow lights to your ducting, it really is an exceptionally well put together kit, and supports the entire growing process from germination right through to flowering.


  • Comes with everything you need to begin growing
  • Very affordable and included parts are high quality
  • Very easy to set up with clear instructions


  • Not widely available

Spider Farmer Grow Tent Kit

The Spider Farmer Grow Tent Kit is known for being one of the industry’s best indoor plant growing kits. A trusted name, the Spider Farmer premium complete kit features one of the most respected and powerful LED grow lights on the market, that provides for optimal growth.

This kit comes with all of the essentials you may need, whether you are just starting out as a cannabis grower, or if you are looking to get the most out of your growing experience, and a head start on growing without the headache of having to find all the essential equipment a piece at a time.

Besides the amazing grow light, this kit comes with a quiet but powerful 4” Inline fan, RC412 Australian charcoal carbon filter, flex aluminum ducting combo, thermometer and hygrometer, 5 gallon grow bags, trellis plant netting, timer, adjustable rope clip hanger, and most importantly the Spider Farmer grow tent made from heavy-duty 600D Oxford cloth and 100% Reflective Mylar interior.

There really isn’t much more you would need that isn’t already included in this kit, making it a great choice for an overall, complete grow tent kit.


  • One of the premier grow tent manufacturers
  • Combo package that saves money
  • Powerful LED light included
  • Large space handles many plants (depending on size)
  • Includes everything you need to begin growing


  • None

Gorilla SuperRoom Smart Grow Room

Are you ready for our premium choice?

We give you this absolute monster from Gorilla! If you’re after something bigger than what’s already on the market, but not quite ready for a full-on grow operation, then the Gorilla SuperRoom Smart Grow Room is the one for you.

As with all Gorilla products it’s fairly expensive, but the sheer amount you receive for the price is worth it, never mind the quality assurance and customer service.

Quality, alongside innovation, is what Gorilla are known for, and in the Gorilla SuperRoom Smart Grow Room, you can be assured of both. From the impressive light fixtures to the ability to monitor your grow operation from outside the tent using the WiFi grow cam! Everything has been thought of with this premium kit.

If you’re looking to grow big, then you have to spend big, and in the process, you’ll inevitably reap a bountiful harvest growing with the Gorilla SuperRoom Grow Kit!


  • Respected Brand
  • High Quality Materials
  • Large Area for Multiple Plants
  • Innovative Company
  • 3 year warranty, and lifetime customer service
  • Free nine-episode video tutorial gets you growing immediately


  • Expensive

MARS HYDRO Grow Tent Kit

The Mars Hydro Grow Tent Kit excels at providing quality at a reasonable price. This particular package includes –

  • 48″x48″x80″ grow tent
  • TSW2000W 4x4ft grow light
  • 6” ventilation kit includes 6″inline duct fan with speed controller
  • Carbon filter
  • 33ft length flex ducting
  • Humidity thermometer
  • Timer
  • 6pcs 5Gallon grow bags
  • Duct clamps
  • Adjust rope hangers

The Mars Hydro Grow Kit is easy to assemble, with clear instructions provided and plenty of online resources for further instructions on how to get the best out of your kit.

The grow tent has a 99% highly reflective mylar lining interior and comes with the fantastic Mars Hydro TSW2000W led grow lamp that features a reflective hood, that helps to gather 50% more light.

You can expect to get a 30% higher yield compared to many of the older led grow lights still available. Consuming around 300Watts true output and 684pcs LEDs, alongside the highest PAR/LUMEN output(1122umol 18″) great for all stages of growth.

The grow tent is made from 1680D canvas and the reinforced sturdy metal frame ensures complete security and stability of your grow lights, supporting up to 154lb/70kg. So you know your grow lights are secure, and very little chance of mishaps.

The 6″ Inline duct Fan is rated 400CFM offering excellent odor control and minimal noise with a 25dB rating. The carbon filter features premium Australian virgin charcoal granules as standard, which enables it to absorb more contaminants and allergens.


  • Respected Brand
  • Competitive Price
  • Good Quality
  • Highly Rated
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Multiple Sizes


  • Support Bars Could be More Secure

The Bud Grower Grow Tent Kit

Looking to get into the exciting and rewarding world of home cannabis cultivation? Look no further than The Bud Grower Grow Tent Kit!

This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to get started, from high-quality LED lights to a sturdy steel frame. The Bud Grower kit is also equipped with a superior carbon filtration system, which eliminates 98.5% of all unwanted odors – so you can focus on nurturing your plants in complete privacy.

With its durable 1680D Oxford cloth exterior and energy-efficient design, The Bud Grower is perfect for anyone looking to take their homegrown cannabis operation to the next level.


  • Uses a high-quality Mylar
  • Great size for beginners
  • Includes extras that save you money
  • Made in the USA
  • Steel Frame


  • You’ll need to check for light leaks
  • LED Lights Are Own Brand

BloomGrow Grow Tent Kit

For a complete kit, this grow tent kit from BloomGrow is definitely not to be overlooked. It features 2 impressive full spectrum LED grow lights, along with a carbon filter, inline fan, hygrometer, timer, heavy-duty zippers as well as a few more beneficial extras.

These full-spectrum LED grow lights can be used for all the different stages of growth.

The inside of the grow tent is of 96% highly reflective diamond Mylar and oxford cloth to the exterior.

The grow tent is large enough in size to cater for many plants, measuring at 48” x 48” x 80”.


  • Large enough size for many plants
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Incredibly affordable


  • None

HTGSupply Grow Tent Kit

This HTGSupply grow tent kit comes with all of the equipment you need to start indoor growing and is a ‘plug-and-play’ kit. It comes with high-quality advanced nutrients for you to use, in three different 1-liter bottles known as ‘Grow,’ ‘Micro’ and ‘Bloom.’

This is ideal if you are new to growing and need starter equipment. The kit also comes with a 6” clip-on fan for circulation, as well as a hygrometer and thermometer, so you can get the conditions just right for your plants.

The grow tent is extremely easy to set up, so works well for beginners.

Although it does come with a fan, the tent would ideally need a second fan for optimal airflow circulation.

Measuring at 39 inches long x 39 inches wide, and 85 inches high, there is plenty of room for multiple plants.


  • Comes with high-quality nutrients from Advanced Nutrients
  • Plug-and-play hydroponic kit
  • Includes everything you need to begin growing
  • Extremely easy to set up


  • It needs a second fan to keep air circulation optimal
  • Not ideal for people who don’t understand hydroponics
  • Too small to allow a 600-1,000-watt light

Hongruilite Grow Tent Kit

In the Hongruilite grow tent kit, we have an excellent 2-1 grow tent that is great for different stages of growth because of its separate propagation room. The only problem is, it has a distinct lack of accessories and some other fundamental equipment that most other grow tent kits provide.

Because of this, you’ll find the Hongruilite grow tent kit is very competitively priced compared to its competitors, but the downside to this is that you won’t be able to start growing straight away without first buying the necessary grow lights, fans, etc that are missing from this kit…

Even still, this is a great little starter kit from a relatively well-known and trusted brand, so you can do much worse than opt for this grow tent kit by Hongruilite.


  • Comes with a plethora of added accessories that save money
  • Extremely light tight
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Rapid and discreet delivery


  • Bottom of the tent isn’t waterproof
  • Overall size could be larger

OppoLite Grow Tent Kit

This grow tent kit from OppoLite is perfect for growing multiple plants, especially for beginners to intermediates.

The interior is 96% highly reflective Mylar material, whilst the exterior is made from 600D cloth. This tent is suitable for use with some of the most powerful of grow lights in mind and includes a 1,200w full spectrum LED grow light panel. The OppoLite grow tent is great for all stages of your plant’s growth.

If you are planning on growing multiple plants at once, this grow tent could fit between 3-5 plants easily, the OppoLite grow tent kit is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a complete kit ready to go.


  • Large enough to fit 3-5 plants
  • 1,200w LED grow light included
  • Plenty of extras to get started straight away
  • Double stitched zipper


  • Assembly isn’t as easy as others
  • Minor light leaks in the corners and zipper flap
  • Could be more sturdy

TopoGrow Grow Tent Kit

Here we have a grow tent kit by the company TopoGrow, a brand that has been around for quite a few years now. They produce good quality growing equipment at a very affordable price, and this kit is no exception.

TopoGrow has included everything a beginner to small-time grower will need.

The size of the grow tent is more than suitable for 2-4 plants and the 300w LED light provided is more than powerful enough to provide your plants with everything they need.

As well as the above, TopoGrow has included a 4″ 190 CFM inline fan, a 4″ charcoal carbon filter, and all the necessary fixtures and fittings, ducting, etc…

If you’re a beginner or short on space then the TopoGrow Grow Tent Kit may be the one for you.



  • Available in a wide array of sizes
  • Large enough for special techniques such as low-stress training
  • A sturdy zipper that prevents light leaks
  • Very fast assembly
  • Incredibly affordable for a complete kit


  • Would benefit from added vent holes
  • 300W LED should be upgraded to 600W
  • Only enough room for 1-2 fully mature plants

TopoLite Grow Tent Kit

If you are looking for a complete grow kit that’s also budget-friendly, then the TopoLite Grow Tent Kit might be the choice for you. This kit has everything you need to get the most out of your grow space.

The grow tent comes with an activated carbon filter. This filter counters any odor by using coal-based carbon activation technology and also comes with changeable Velcro Pre-Filters.

The tent itself is built from 600 denier Oxford cloth and contains a large, heavy-duty zipper to protect any light from escaping. This zipper is double stitched for extra leak prevention, meaning less chance of any metabolic change to your plants.

The size of the kit also has its advantages. It is large enough so that more advanced growers can attempt special techniques, such as low-stress training. Despite being relatively large, it is easy to set the tent up and fast to assemble.


  • Powerful 800-watt LED with low heat emission
  • Mylar is high-quality
  • The tent is built strong and doesn’t have light leaks


  • The inline fan and carbon filter are not high-quality

Aerospring Growers Edition

The Aerospring Growers Edition is the perfect way to get into urban farming. This compact and efficient vertical gardening system allows you to grow up to 9 plants in just 10 square feet of space. With its easy-to-use design, the Aerospring is great for anyone looking to start their own garden, regardless of experience or location. And with the Aerospring Indoor Garden kit, you can keep your plants growing all year long.

With professional grade LED grow lights and integrated airflow management, the Aerospring allows you to achieve perfect crops, every time. The easy-to-use 2-in-1 system takes care of your plants’ needs during both the spring and fall months, while the indoor accessory kit lets you keep on cropping even when it’s cold outside.

Aerospring Growers Edition is perfect for Aeroponic & Hydroponic growing. The Y-wing GX9 Series lights, Quiet 4″ inline duct fan, and 4″ carbon air filter are all top of the line and highly rated. Additionally, the Oxford D600 tent material is some of the best in the business. With adjustable rope ratchets, you can customize your grow to perfection.

Aerospring also offers the cultivator a selection of other grow systems including the Aerospring 27-Plant Vertical Grow System and the Aerospring Outdoor & Wheelbase Bundle.


  • 150W thermally cooled grow lights
  • Smart WiFi Timer
  • Fully sealable grow tent with white interior panels
  • Highly rated
  • Great for Aeroponic & Hydroponic growing


  • Pricey

Grow Tent Kits Size

There are vital elements that you’ll need to look for when buying a new grow tent kit. The first one that comes to mind is the overall dimensions.

Grow tents come in all shapes and sizes and when just starting out most growers commonly search for either beginner grow tents or small grow tents.

Remember, whatever size grow tent kit you choose to buy the dimensions will directly impact your available growing space, which means the number of plants you’ll have.

The size of the grow tent should accommodate a wide range of characteristics of your cannabis plants. If you’re growing plants that have Cannabis sativa genetics, then you’ll need a tent that has enough overhead space.

Growing Cannabis indica genetics? Then you’ll need to have a broader space to allow the plants to bush out.

It all boils down to the methods you’ll utilize during your grow. The number of plants, Sea of Green (SOG) style, or the Screen of Green (ScrOG) method will directly impact your decision on which grow tent works best for you.

Another significant aspect to consider is that size of the room that the grow tent will be placed in. You’ll need to accurately measure the available, and, more importantly, the useable space.

It’ll be a waste of time and money if you buy a grow tent that’s too big for a room you’ve designated.

Grow Tent Kits & Separate Rooms

Some growers like to have separate rooms within their grow tent kits. These additional rooms generally act as a propagation room for clones and seedlings.

These can also be used to house a mother plant to take cuttings from. These added rooms within the tent allow you to have a continuous system, which is beneficial and saves time.

Grow Tent Kits Lights

The next issue you’ll need to decide is what type of light will work best in your garden. A 100-watt LED will produce highly different results compared to a 600-watt HPS.

At the same time, a 600-watt HPS will be overkill in a small grow tent (2 x 2). It’s important to know your ideally sized tent, amount of plants, and lastly the necessary power.

Grow Tent Kits Build Quality

After you’ve decided upon the size of your grow tent, you’ll need to now compare the materials used for various indoor grow tents.

Flimsy tent material could lead to a catastrophe if it can’t support the weight of your grow lights. Imagine: months of hard work and money spent, only to wake up one morning to a collapsed tent.

Buying the cheapest indoor grow tent with the lowest quality materials is precisely how the above scenario happens.

Some of the burliest tent material is made from a material that’s infused with ballistic nylon. This heavy-duty denier is capable of holding up multiple lights and other accessories such as carbon filters with ease.

Grow Tent Kits Light-Proofness

What could be one of the most significant things to consider regarding your grow tent is how lightproof it is. A light leak could trigger a metabolic change within the cannabis plant and lead your plants to turn hermaphrodite.

This unique response creates male flowers to be produced within the female calyx. These male flowers can then pollinate your entire crop, and you’ll be left with seeded buds.

Cannabis is photo-responsive. This trait means that it changes with increased daylight hours or with decreased daylight hours. We manipulate female cannabis plants to flower indoors by following the 12/12 schedule.

This means that the lights are on for 12 consecutive hours and off for 12 hours. When an interruption occurs, the plant may become stressed and signal enzymes to create emergency male flowers to speed the process of pollination.

There are many indoor grow tents that have small pinpoint holes in the stitching, and these can be hard to detect. It’s because of this reason that you need to make sure that the tent is sufficiently built and free of minor light leaks.

Grow Tent Kits Mylar Quality

Mylar is the material within the grow tent that reflects that light produced from the grow lamp to increase the overall brightness. This is a helpful addition that will add extra lumens without additional heat and power costs.

Cheap Mylar has been known to degrade with high heat and releases toxic chemicals into the plant’s environment. This phenomenon has destroyed many crops and can be avoided if you check which type of Mylar is used.

Grow Tent Kits & Adjustability

Adjustability is another crucial aspect when shopping for the best grow tent kit. Modern grow tents feature various adjustability points, such as the roof poles, height poles, vent zones, and removable splash floors.

Moveable roof poles allow you to set your grow lamps in any way. These provide not only support but can be moved to pinpoint your hoods in the best possible position.

Adjusting the height is helpful, especially when your plants begin the infamous pre-flower stretch. Vent zones are placed throughout the tent to allow for optimized venting and air intake.

A removable splash floor is perfect for those that use too much water and expedites the process of cleaning.

Advantages of Indoor Grow Tent Kits

Simply put, convenience is the overall benefit of producing cannabis in a grow tent. These contained spaces simplify our vision and enable growers to maintain their gardens more efficiently.

Indoor grow tents are incredibly advantageous when living in an apartment complex. Typically, you wouldn’t use an entire room to grow in an apartment.

To simplify the situation, grow tents are the best option because they can be built in a matter of minutes. They can also be broken down in the same amount of time.

They also help with containing the pungent smell of cannabis. If you’re growing in a dedicated room, it’ll be necessary to filter the smell from the entire space.

Grow tents are ideal because they are spaces that are specifically for growing marijuana. Instead of having to account for filtering all the added space between the roof and corners of a room, grow tents are confined and don’t require large filters.

Probably the most significant advantage of using an indoor grow tent kit is their stealth. If you need to be discreet, then a grow tent is a necessity.

When your 1,000-watt high-pressure sodium lamp is making your bedroom look like a rocket launch is in progress, you’ll appreciate the light being kept in check by your grow tent.

Why Grow Tent Kits Are Perfect for Beginners

Indoor grow tents are ideal for beginners because of their simplicity. We all aspire to grow like the professionals: massive warehouses with the endless horizon of cannabis plants gently flowing from the ventilation.

These operations take vast experience and investment capital, so it’s best to start small in a contained environment.

By growing in an indoor grow tent kit, you’ll be better able to hone your green-thumb skills, make mistakes, and learn by experience. The investment necessary is relatively low, and the added convenience is a bonus.

Grow tent kits are especially perfect for beginners because they come with everything needed to start growing. All that’s needed from you is cannabis seeds or clones to begin.


The Spider Farmer Grow Tent kit would be our recommendation for anyone looking for a top-quality grow tent kit. The reason for this is that its value outshines its competitors.

Although every grow tent kit reviewed is worthy of being used as your grow tent, the Spider Farmer Grow Tent Kit offers tremendous value for money.

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