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Best Grow Box for Beginners

Last Updated: January 10, 2021
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens

When it comes to cultivating cannabis, nothing is more convenient than growing in a grow box.

These beginner-friendly grow rooms are equipped with everything you need to cultivate your first marijuana crop.

With so many options on the market, we’ve taken the time to compile a list and hopefully point you in the right direction of picking the very best grow box for beginners.

Our Reviews

Grandma's Secret Garden 5.0 - Grow Box

The adequately named Grandma’s Secret Garden will allow you to have your own prized crop within any area. Its size is perfect for a high-yielding cannabis garden. It’s one of the lightest grow boxes in this review, which is a critical factor to consider.

The Grandma’s Secret Garden grow box comes equipped with everything you need to begin your venture into the world of cannabis cultivation and it does it in style.


  • Provides enough space for 4 cannabis plants
  • Light in weight, which makes it ideal for transporting
  • Adaptable growing environment


  • It’s made of wood and not metal
  • The internal ventilation fans create noticeable noise

Supercloset SuperTrinity Smart Grow Closet System

The Supercloset grow box is the ideal unit that we’ve ever seen. It’s safe, made from high-quality materials, and offers one of the most streamlined hydroponic systems available. All of this is offered in one convenient package, which means you won’t need to piece together a unit on your own.

The drawback is that this unit is the most expensive grow box. As they say, if you’re going to buy something – make sure it’s quality. This is the guaranteed case with the Supercloset, and having the ability to grow up to 24 plants is an incredible feat for a grow closet.


  • Heavy-duty grow box that’s secure, safe, and durable
  • Multi-tiered for different stages of growth
  • Accommodates up to 12 large plants per vegetative/flowering chamber (up to 24 total) and 50 clones/seedlings
  • Offers a high-end hydroponic system
  • Comes equipped with everything you need to begin your grow


  • This is one of the heaviest grow boxes that we’ve reviewed
  • Expensive

Grobo Premium Automated Grow Box

This fully automated, LED grow box is ideal for beginners to professionals alike. It ticks every box that’s required from us, but it does come with a few downsides. As you know, not every product is perfect, but the Grobo Premium Automated Grow Box can be placed in most areas, making it one of the most versatile grow boxes around.

Allowing only 1-2 plants is a severe limitation, but not every grow needs an abundance of room. This is a perfect grow box for anyone that requires a micro-space for their cannabis plants.


  • Uses an efficient LED lighting system
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • Steel security lock
  • Dual intake fans
  • Deep water culture reservoir
  • Nutrient dosing control system
  • Ideal for growers that want to be discreet


  • Enough space for 1-2 plants, which is quite low

Growzilla 4 Plant Vertical Hydroponics Grow Box

When we initially looked at this, we were unsure about the 4-plant rating. Upon further review, you can easily fit 4 or more plants – depending on size. its height is accommodating for taller plants, but this reduces its ability to be placed in small and cramped areas.

It’s an incredibly heavy grow box, but this is the necessary evil that you’ll need to contend with if you require additional headroom for your cannabis plants. Additionally, The Growzilla comes equipped with an LED, which would be far more efficient for such a small space.


  • Sleek design made from quality materials
  • An adaptable growing environment with a built-in propagation center above the light system
  • Tall in size that easily accommodates large plants
  • Comes with necessary accessories, such as an oscillating fan


  • This product is quite heavy
  • It comes with an LED grow light
  • Skinny design which doesn’t allow plants to bush out and isn’t ideal for densely-branched indica varieties

Cash Crop 6.0-6 Clone LED Hydroponics Grow Box

This jack-of-all-trades grow box ticks all the boxes- and then some. The cloning chamber feature put it at an incredible advantage over the rest of the field. Having multiple uses adds to its overall value, which is what any new cultivator should search for.

The Cash Crop 6.0 is discreet, yet, comes with an abundant amount of space to grow in. The major downside is its size. This grow box is a unit that’s meant for only 1-2 plants, so if you thinking about growing a bigger crop – you’re out of luck.


  • Well-equipped grow box for beginners
  • LED lighting system
  • Effective use of a space that includes an area for cannabis production as well as propagation


  • This product is quite small
  • Expensive

What is a Grow Box?

A grow box is a metallic container of various sizes that comes equipped with everything you need to jump-start your cannabis garden.

These differ from grow tents because they are far more automated, leaving you with fewer responsibilities during the duration of your grow.

Grow boxes come equipped with everything to provide an optimal growing environment, such as LED lights, hydroponic systems, ventilation systems, and environmental monitoring tools.

At their very core, they’re tools that simplify your job as a cannabis grower.

Most of the time, grow boxes mimic storage containers or file cabinets when fully closed. Originally, grow boxes were made to blend into the furniture found in a room to make them stealthy.

These discreet boxes offer a micro-environment that allows you to grow high-quality cannabis without anybody knowing.

Why Grow Boxes are Ideal for Beginners

Grow boxes are the perfect option for beginners because they provide everything in a simple to use setup. Most grow boxes have plug-and-play functionality, which is far easier than setting up a grow tent.

When time is of the essence, there’s nothing like getting started on the critical part of cannabis cultivation: growing.

There’s so much know-how with marijuana cultivation, and each aspect of a grow room deserves your utmost attention.

Grow boxes take away the need to master each segment by providing you with a seamless design that’ll reduce your stress and save your time.

Instead of researching the many HPS lights or inline fans that are available, a grow box will come fully-equipped so that you don’t need to consider every option.

Additionally, grow boxes are ideal for beginners because they’re future proof. They allow you to increase your status as a green thumb without needing additional equipment.

The Grow Box Controversy

Although we’re writing in favor of these useful tools, there is still the controversy related to grow boxes that you should consider before making a purchase.

Grow boxes aren’t for everyone, and this becomes apparent when you consider various factors such as your reason for growing, plant count, and available space.

Are you growing for commercial purposes? If this is the case, then a grow box isn’t right for you. Grow boxes are meant for all skill levels, but they’re also limited in size to provide a convenient space for hobbyists.

If you find yourself seeking to break out of a hobbyist role, then you’ll need to construct your own grow room to allow for a far more customized experience.

Each state that allows cannabis cultivation has a limit on the number of plants you’re allowed to grow. If your plant limit is far above the norm, then you won’t benefit from owning a grow box.

Certain states offer cultivation licenses, and these allow participants to grow hundreds of plants within a facility or outdoors. If this is your situation, then a grow box will be far too small for your needs.

Grow boxes are limited in space because they are constructed out of metal or wood. These materials are heavy even when not considering all of the accessories found within.

It would become physically impossible to transport a grow box that is 10’x10’, so it’s necessary that grow box producers make these in manageable sizes.

What Are the Benefits of Growing in a Grow Box?

The benefits of growing within a grow box are many. Let’s take a look at a variety of advantages that grow boxes have to offer.


Grow boxes are a convenient way to grow cannabis. They come in various sizes with a nearly endless amount of accessories to fit all of your growing needs.

Instead of having to search your local hydroponics store for a handful of tools, your grow box can come with everything you require.

Since grow boxes reduce your workload, you’ll have more time to focus on the growth of your plants instead of adjusting the overall environment.

Most of us don’t grow cannabis as our full-time job, so it’s necessary to reduce the time spent on our plants so we can continue living our lives.


Grow boxes offer a space for cannabis cultivation while blocking out pests and disease. They also contain the pungent odor of cannabis, as well as to prevent light from entering the grow box.

Pests and disease are proving to be the greatest danger for cannabis cultivators. Spider mites, thrips, rot, and powdery mildew are common occurrences when growing marijuana.

A grow box is ideal because you’re able to integrate a pest management system into your routine.

The spaces within grow boxes are far smaller than large grow tents or grow rooms. Their smaller size makes them far easier to manage in the event of an outbreak, as well as in reducing the overall possibility.

Aside from pests, disease, and fungi, there’s also the issue of odor. Cannabis plants are known to emit pungent smells during all stages of development, making it necessary to contain and clean this smell.

Most grow boxes come with carbon filters to scrub the air of any noticeable odors before their released out of the environment. This is necessary if you live in an area where discretion is needed.


Since grow boxes are constructed from metal or wood, they can easily be transported from one location to another.

Compared to larger grow tents, grow boxes don’t need to be broken down and re-assembled in another area.

Portability is another aspect of convenience because it reduces your set up time.


Most grow boxes are constructed in a way that resembles a cabinet or closet. These boxes are meant to blend into their environment, rather than stick out.

In some cases, grow boxes are so quiet that you can place them in a living room without anyone noticing what’s actually going on.

Although many states allow recreational and medicinal cannabis, it’s never advisable to advertise to others that you cultivate marijuana.

The majority of crime related to cannabis is theft because it’s a high-value commodity.

By owning a grow box, your hobby will remain a secret only known to you, which increases your safety.

Simple to Use

Grow boxes have plug-and-play compatibility. Grow box manufacturers build their products so that all you need to do is find a nearby outlet to get started.

There isn’t any in-depth knowledge that you need to have in operating a grow box, except following the basic guidelines provided by the grow box producer.

Building your own grow room takes a significant amount of time and money. Grow tents offer the convenience of a contained environment where you can customize the interior of your space as you please.

Grow boxes provide the convenience of grow tents and add an entirely new level of beginner-friendliness.

Essential Aspects to Consider Before Buying a Grow Box

Although it’s established that grow boxes will significantly assist you during your cannabis operation, there are specific aspects that you must consider before buying a grow box.

Grow Box Size

When it comes to growing cannabis, you always need to consider the size of the area first. Size is everything; therefore, you’ll need to measure the room that your grow box will inhabit.

Will the grow box be inside a closet, your bedroom, or an attic? Depending on the space, you’ll need to purchase the appropriate grow box.

This is always the first aspect to consider before buying a grow because if you don’t, the consequence is that it won’t fit or will be too small.

The wrong size will waste not only precious time but also money. This is why it’s imperative to measure the area you intend to place your grow box so that you can efficiently use the space.

Besides the space that you’ll need to place the grow box into, you’ll need to consider how many plants you’d like to grow. Some states have a maximum plant limit, such as 6 fully mature cannabis plants in the state of California.

Although grow boxes streamline the growing process, they can’t account for the strains that you decide to grow.

This means that if you purchase cannabis seeds that are sativa-dominant, then you may outgrow your growing space depending on your grow box size.

By knowing which strains you intend to grow, your overall plant count, and growing method; you can efficiently pick a grow box that suits all of your needs.


Although we don’t like to admit it, price is always a factor to consider when buying a grow box. Money doesn’t grow on trees, so it’s essential that you find a grow box that fits all of your needs at a reasonable price point.

The issue with grow boxes is that you’ll likely receive what you pay for. This means that cheaper grow boxes come with fewer accessories than products that cost more.

The reason that this is the case is that each component within the grow box is costly. LEDs, inline fans, carbon filters, hydroponic systems, monitoring tools, and so forth aren’t cheap.

If you compare the price of buying tools separately to an all-in-one system, you’ll be surprised to find that you’re paying far less when purchasing a fully-loaded grow box.

Although the price is a major determining factor, we advise you to consider all of the accessories that come with grow boxes and compare them with buying them at retail costs.

Finally, grow boxes are tools that prove cheaper isn’t better. Growing cannabis takes a great deal of time and effort; even when your grow box is automated.

It’s for this reason that you should buy a grow box that’s proven and high-quality. The last thing that you want to do is buy poor-quality grow box that ruins your marijuana crop.

Grow Box Accessories

Most grow boxes come fully equipped with everything that you need to begin growing your first cannabis crop.

This is the case most of the time, so it’s especially important to confirm all of the accessories that’ll come with the grow box.

Accessories that are included with the majority of grow boxes are ventilation components, carbon filters, hydroponic systems, and lighting.

When looking at grow box products, you should compare and contrast each. Does one offer more accessories than the other? Grow boxes are all about value, and not all grow boxes are created equal.

Additional Features

Additional features within a grow box can be considered deal breakers. For example, one grow box comes with a standard set of features such as ventilation, lighting, and an automated hydroponic system.

A second grow box has the same features at the same price, but also comes equipped with a CO2 system and environmental controller. Which would you pick?

This is the conundrum that you may find yourself in, so it’s imperative that you search for a grow box that includes useful tools that will make your growing experience easier.

Growing equipment tends to be very expensive, so it’s essential that you reduce your overall costs by finding grow boxes that come equipped with additional features.

This doesn’t mean that you should buy a grow box that comes with many useless features. We say useless only if the tools aren’t beneficial to your method of growing.

Your Style of Cannabis Growing

Many grow boxes come with hydroponic systems, but what if you intend on growing with soil? WIll you use the grow box as a cloning and germination chamber rather than a production machine?

These are additional considerations that you need to think about before purchasing a grow box.

Most grow box manufacturers will gladly change certain aspects for you if you ask, such as swapping out hydroponic systems with containers, so you’re not left with equipment that you aren’t going to use.

Grow Box Noise

All ventilation and hydroponic systems emit some amount of noise when in use. Too much noise can be a deal breaker for many, so it’s essential that you pick a grow box system that doesn’t break any decibel records.

The better the quality, the less likely your grow box will emit loud sounds that make your neighbors question your newfound hobby.


Growing cannabis isn’t just about flower production. Many of us propagate clones, maintain mothers, germinate seeds, and breed new marijuana strains.

The question is: are grow boxes adjustable? The answer to this depends on the grow box that you decide to purchase.

By considering the design of the grow box, accessories, and size; you can decide if the product will adequately allow you to cycle through various stages of plant growth with ease.


There’s nothing worse than finding out that your growing environment is compromised by a light leak during mid flower.

After so many weeks of anticipation, your marijuana flowers may begin sprouting male flowers due to this subtle stress.

It’ll prove challenging to gauge a grow boxes light-proofness from a website, so you’ll need to check this factor immediately upon receiving it.

Once fully set up, turn on the grow light and close the grow box. Make sure the light inside the overall room is off so that any light leaking from the grow box is visible.

If you find significant light leaking from the grow box, it’s essential that you return it and choose another grow box.


After comparing these 5 grow boxes, our top pick for the best grow box for beginners came down to the Supercloset Grow Box and The Grobo Grow Box.

After further comparison, the Supercloset won us over. The Supercloset edged out The Grobo because it was slightly larger and came with high-value accessories.

For those that wish to use a hydroponic system, the Supercloset offers both top drip-feed or deep-water culture methods.

This allows you freedom in deciding which technique you’d prefer to use. The hydroponic system can easily be converted into a soil-based system.

The additional accessories that come with the Supercloset added a great deal of value in our eyes. A TDS meter is an essential tool when growing in a hydroponic system, and these tools are never cheap.

Not only do you get a TDS meter, but also nutrients, hydroton blocks, and rockwool cubes.

The only downside regarding the Supercloset is its price. It’s the most expensive grow box in this review.

At first glance, you may feel that this price isn’t worth it when compared with far cheaper options. If you look at the price for each component if bought separately, you’ll soon realize that you’re getting a deal from buying this all-in-one package.

The Supercloset will have you pulling down a harvest within 100 days from receiving it. Overall, the Supercloset is incredibly convenient and well worth the cost; making it the best grow box available for beginners.

Now that you know which grow box is our overall winner, it’s up to you to consider all of the factors we’ve listed previously to come to a decision for yourself.

Every grower’s situation varies, and this will always influence your decision on which grow box is right for you.

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