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Best CO2 Controller

Last Updated: March 23, 2023
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens

Many growers often wonder how they can quickly and effectively increase the growth of their plants and increase their overall yields, and one way to do that is by purchasing a CO2 controller.

CO2 controllers allow you to identify what your current CO2 levels are and adjust accordingly to improve growth as you wish.

CO2 levels are measured in PPM or parts per million and normal ambient air has around 300 PPM but experts agree that plants show massive improvements when this figure is increased to between 1000 and 1500 PPM.

CO2 controllers allow you to quickly optimize your CO2 levels to ensure optimal growth from your plants and can be purchased relatively inexpensively.

Even more sophisticated CO2 controllers that also monitor humidity and temperature levels won’t necessarily break the bank but will almost certainly allow you to increase your yield.

CO2 controllers come with a wide variety of functionality and as such can vary quite significantly in price, so we here at The Highest Crop have created this handy list of the best CO2 controllers to allow you to choose the perfect CO2 controller for you and your individual needs.

Our Reviews

Autopilot CO2 Monitor

The Autopilot CO2 Monitor & Controller is another much loved and much used CO2 controller, perfect for new and experienced growers alike.

Designed with a fully customizable PPM Deadband and a CO2 set point that allows for seamless flexibility when programming, this product is technologically impressive and allows for much more accurate readings and alterations.

This CO2 controller also includes a trend records facility that records and stores CO2 levels over a myriad of different time frames, better allowing you to track trends over minutes, hours, days, or even weeks.

Included as standard, the Autopilot APC8200 CO2 w/15′ Remote Sensor Monitor & Controller also comes with a remote CO2 sensor probe and data cable that means you can take accurate readings from proper grow room environments located elsewhere.

A functional and handsome-looking piece of kit, the dashboard allows for clear reading of data and will be a boon to any grower looking to accurately track and alter CO2.


  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Competitively priced
  • Highly rated


  • Some errors, faulty readings, and possible faulty units have been noted by growers but rectified with 3 year warranty/customer service

Titan Controls Professional Series Atlas 2-Preset CO2 Monitor

The Titan Controls Professional Series Atlas 2-Preset CO2 Monitor/Controller is one of the best loved and most well reviewed CO2 Controllers on the market available today.

Coming with a preset CO2 control function of 1500 PPM, this product is as efficient and effective as it is hard-wearing.

Designed with a built-in self-calibration feature, many growers refer to it as the easiest to use CO2 Controller around, and the ingenious photocell allows CO2 enrichment throughout the daylight hours.

All encased in a durable powder coated steel enclosure and available with a three year manufacturer’s warranty as standard, growers can be confident of the Titan Controls HGC702618 Professional Series Atlas 2-Preset CO2 Monitor/Controller ability to last.


  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Highly rated
  • Straightforward operation


  • Not suitable for all growing situations

Titan Controls Atlas 3 Day and Night CO2 Monitor

The Titan Controls Atlas 3 Day and Night CO2 Monitor and Controller is perhaps the most premium of all the CO2 Controllers in our review.

An exceptionally well-designed and effective CO2 controller, the Atlas 3 Day and Night CO2 Monitor and Controller is capable of controlling the atmosphere in even large greenhouses.

Coming with a built-in light sensor that allows for excellent CO2 enrichment during daylight hours.

The CO2 Controller also utilizes an ingenious Piggy Back plug which means it can control other devices if necessary.

Super versatile and easy to program to your own personal settings the Day and Night CO2 Monitor and Controller is also easy to mount inside your greenhouse or growing environment.

Made from high-quality materials and excessively well made, this CO2 Monitor and Controller is perfect for anyone looking to buy a premium range product to take control of their CO2 problems.


  • Easily configurable
  • All cables and attachments plug into standard wall jack
  • Simple design


  • One of the most expensive Co2 Controllers on the market

Inkbird ICC-500T CO2 Controller

Stylistically, the Inkbird ICC-500T CO2 Controller is one of the more simplistic CO2 controllers in terms of both form and function.

Super simple to setup and use, although many customers have complained of hard-to-read instructions this shouldn’t matter too much as the rig is really so easy to set up it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Boasting double outlets and an impressive digital display this clever little CO2 Controller will automatically turn itself off when the device reaches the required CO2 (PPM) level.

Extremely reliable and durable this CO2 Controller is both CE and FCC certified and it’s highly effective BO1 Sensor is suitable for agriculture, home growing, and greenhouses.

An easy-to-use, industry-certified and versatile product the Inkbird ICC-500T CO2 Controller CO2 Meter Carbon Dioxide Controller is a simple, functional, and well-made product.


  • CE & FCC certificated
  • Versatile
  • Small unit compared to competitors


  • Instructions, how to setup, need improvement
  • Readings have been noted to be inaccurate by some users when compared to other CO2 controllers

CO2 Controller Buyers Guide

Now that we have discussed each CO2 Controller in greater detail, (the pros, cons, and features), it’s time to think about a few more general considerations that could help us decide which of the products deserve the title of Best CO2 Controller and most importantly of all, which CO2 Controller is right for you.

CO2 Controller Complexity & Ease of Use

One of the first things we need to consider is how adept you are personally with technology and therefore what level of complexity in a CO2 Controller you would be comfortable with.

All of the CO2 Controllers we have reviewed here are relatively simple to set up and use but as with anything the more your experience level and the more you thoroughly read the instructions the easier your experience will be.

That being the case, if you are technologically averse then why not consider a more slimmed-down CO2 Controller without all the bells and whistles some have.

Conversely, if you are comfortable with technology or have used similar products before then setting up and using CO2 Monitors and Controllers should be a breeze.

CO2 Controller Data Collection Functionality

One of the many great things about some of the more premium CO2 Monitors and Controllers is their ability to accurately and minutely record, store and utilise previous uses and then alter the atmospheric conditions accordingly.

The breakdown of the information can literally go from minutes to hours to days to weeks, and as such the CO2 Monitors and Controllers that have this functionality provide invaluable information as this allows you to see patterns in CO2 use, prevent waste and help optimise growing conditions.

It should be said of course that CO2 Controllers with this functionality do tend to be more complex by their very nature and as such can differ greatly in both ease of use to the customer and outward appearances.


Whilst the outward appearance of a CO2 Controller is obviously secondary to its functionality and ability to efficiently monitor and control CO2, it still has to be said that some of the model’s available look outdated, unappealing, and bizarrely set up which gives the impression of poor user experience.

Simple, clean, and clear design shouldn’t just be a nicety as the way the model is laid out will make a massive difference to a customer’s ability to navigate the menus, buttons, and functions effectively and correctly.

Some growers may be more familiar with the setup and have used similar products for a long time and as such not be too bothered by the outward appearance of the controller in question, however for newer, less experienced growers who wish to purchase and use this product for a long time it’s important to future proof the product and make sure it’s as useable in future as it is now.

CO2 Monitor Display

Again the display of some of the more basic models is extremely limited and whilst this basic functionality may appeal to some consumers, many more want their display to be multifunctional and modern looking.

The CO2 Controllers with basic displays can be accused of losing massive amounts of functionality by merely having binary numbers appear at sporadic intervals, whereas more modern, more functional CO2 Monitors will allow you to not only see up to date readings but also track previous results, identify patterns and build a more thorough picture of your usage.

If the idea of such functionality intrigues you then I would definitely consider one of the more modern controllers with the understanding that such extra options will inevitably increase the price of the product.


Another important point that is rarely thought about enough is what sort of warranty is included with these products.

These CO2 Monitors and Controllers are by no means inexpensive and as such consumers rightly expect a certain amount of longevity to be inbuilt in the product.

However, even the best designed and masterfully created products suffer from defects, and what consumers really need is confirmation that if the worst were to happen they haven’t thrown money down the drain.

That’s why it’s so important to check what sort of warranty the particular CO2 Controller you are looking for comes under as for many this peace of mind could be the deciding factor between two similar products.

Budget & Value for Money

The most important consideration you need to think about though is the price of the product, your personal budget, and if the product offers good value for money.

Only you know your own personal budget but what we always advise is that you should keep firmly to this budget and try your best not to be swayed by anything beyond it.

The common rule of thumb is that the more you pay for a product, invariably the better that product will be, and while there may be some exceptions to this rule, normally it is indeed true.

That being the case it’s best to keep your expectations firmly ties to your personal budget and that way you won’t be disappointed when you finally use the product in question.


After taking into account all of the above considerations, we are pleased to announce that the winner of the title of the Best CO2 Controller is the TITAN Controls Professional Series ATLAS 2-Preset CO2 Monitor. A truly worthy winner, this Controller is super easy to set up and incredibly simple to use. For the vast majority of growers this small, lightweight, and intelligent product will do the job.

Made from high quality, durable materials and boasting a competitively affordable price tag, this CO2 Controller will ease your mind and allow you to concentrate on optimizing your crop and achieving better yields.

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