Autopilot CO2 Monitor

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The Autopilot CO2 Monitor & Controller is another much loved and much used CO2 controller, perfect for new and experienced growers alike.

Designed with a fully customizable PPM Deadband and a CO2 set point that allows for seamless flexibility when programming, this product is technologically impressive and allows for much more accurate readings and alterations.

This CO2 controller also includes a trend records facility that records and stores CO2 levels over a myriad of different time frames, better allowing you to track trends over minutes, hours, days, or even weeks.

Included as standard, the Autopilot APC8200 CO2 w/15′ Remote Sensor Monitor & Controller also comes with a remote CO2 sensor probe and data cable that means you can take accurate readings from proper grow room environments located elsewhere.

A functional and handsome-looking piece of kit, the dashboard allows for clear reading of data and will be a boon to any grower looking to accurately track and alter CO2.

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