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Have you ever wondered how the Guru of Ganja grows cannabis during any season?

Ed Rosenthal lays bare a lifelong culmination of tips, tricks, and knowledge of cultivating cannabis year-round in his latest book – Ask Ed: Marijuana Success.

Whether you’re preparing to grow cannabis for the first time or you’re a decorated grow master – Ask Ed: Marijuana Success offers entertainment and knowledge on each page.

Upon learning that I would have an exclusive opportunity to review Ed Rosenthal’s upcoming book Ask Ed: Marijuana Success – I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Anyone that’s been in the cannabis industry over the last three decades is at least familiar with the name Ed Rosenthal. Part of the old-school cannabis scene, Ed Rosenthal finds himself helping the next generation of cannabis cultivators along with useful, albeit at times utterly scattered, tips on growing cannabis.

From the introduction to the conclusion, I was thoroughly pleased with the breadth of information that Ask Ed: Marijuana Success contains.

First and foremost, the selection of tips that Ed describes is spot on for any cannabis cultivator. Ed goes over a handful of techniques on topics such as cloning, pruning, irrigation, lighting, indoor growing, outdoor growing, strain selection, and maximizing yield.

Here are the notable characteristics that I enjoyed in Ed Rosenthal’s new book.

In Ask Ed: Marijuana Success, one of the most touched upon topics of the entire book is about cultivating cannabis during any season – indoors or outdoors.

Throughout his far-flung travels, Ed visits cannabis gardens in Jamaica, Morocco, Hawaii, and the United States to learn how local cannabis cultivators tend to their crops in the face of natural barriers.

For instance, Ed presents ingenious tips from Jamaican cannabis farmers, who, being located near the equator, grow cannabis year-round.

From his field notes and pictures, we can clearly understand how the dense planting of small cannabis plants can generate a bountiful harvest when you’re only left with short daylight hours during the winter months.

“First, early flowering and close planting both discourage plants from branching out. Instead, the plants put their energy into growing a single straight stem. When they flower, all their energy goes into growing bud along it.”

Another instance was from his expedition to the cannabis paradise of Ketama, Morocco. Ketama is found on the hillsides of the Rif Mountains and is littered with marijuana fields that would make any cannabis enthusiast faint.

The method of dense planting with the sole intent of harvesting the main bud is the lesson learned from Ed’s adventure in Ketama, Morocco.

From Morocco, you’ll travel to the exotic cannabis fields of Molokai, Hawaii, where local cannabis cultivators harness HID or CFL lighting to extend the vegetation of their cannabis crops outdoors to increase the overall size of the plants.

By doing so, the Molokai cannabis fields overcome the short day lengths that promote flowering instead of vegetative growth. Ed brings this lesson full-circle by showing you how you can utilize supplemental lighting to vegetate your greenhouse crop during the fall and winter months.

Ed Rosenthal boils everything down in a way that anyone can understand. For me, this is a crucial element that shines throughout Ask Ed: Marijuana Success. There’s nothing worse than an author that over-complicates a subject – especially when that subject is on growing cannabis.

The vast majority of cannabis cultivators can agree on a simple principle – KISS (keep it simple, stupid). Although Ed doesn’t expressly mention this quote, he does keep his verbiage humble and to-the-point.

Whether describing his harvesting technique or how to build your own nylon wick irrigation system – Ed presents everything clearly in a step-by-step process with detailed pictures.

Although we’d love to describe each guide that Ed presents in Ask Ed: Marijuana Success – we’d have to write our own book to achieve this. Here are topics that contain easy-to-follow how-to’s:

  1. How to Increase THC potency
  2. Setting up automated irrigation systems
  3. How to tell when your buds are ripe
  4. Spotting deficiencies
  5. Harvesting and Drying indoors and outdoors
  6. Picking the right cannabis variety for you
  7. And many more
  8. An Honest Perspective

Furthermore, Ed isn’t afraid of being honest, as he displays in a quote regarding his winter harvest:

“When I showed some of the buds to visitors, they were unimpressed. The buds were small, and although fragrant and heady, they weren’t very tight. However, I was more than satisfied because this was a winter crop started in February and harvested in April. I didn’t expect big buds, but I did produce a decent harvest using the winter sun.”

Most cannabis growers, especially those who’ve been in the “game” for a long time, would never admit to producing a lackluster cannabis crop. However, Ed dives headfirst and owns up to any shortcoming by presenting a well-hidden fact in the cannabis industry – that cannabis doesn’t always look like a High Times photoshoot.

This honesty is necessary for all cannabis growers to understand because it allows you to grow as a cannabis cultivator.

Although we have a lot of positive things to say about Ed’s Ask Ed: Marijuana Success – there is a single aspect that we didn’t enjoy.

Although Ed bestows us with seemingly limitless information and knowledge – the book is fairly scattered. Instead of presenting subjects in a linear manner, you’ll find yourself reading about “how to choose a cannabis strain” to suddenly “how to harvest” on the next page.

Although this aspect won’t decrease the amount of information you’ll learn – it does disrupt the natural flow of the book.

Overall, we rate Ask Ed: Marijuana Success with 4 out of 5 stars. The sheer amount of information regarding cannabis cultivation is extensive, which is indispensable for any cannabis grower.

The fact that Ed shows us that we can grow cannabis during any season is creative, useful, and outright ground breaking. By smashing down the barrier of seasonality, Ed shows cannabis growers that creativity prevails.

Ultimately, Ed Rosenthal shows us that, as cultivators, we have a profound connection with the plant itself, and that growing our own marijuana unlocks an important perspective.

“Using the grass that you grew provides a pleasure that cannot be matched by a gift or purchased weed. It’s a connection to the wheel of life.”

If you’re ready to sit shotgun with the Guru of Ganja and learn everything there is to know about cannabis cultivation – then let Ask Ed: Marijuana Success be your guide.

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