AC Infinity IONGRID Grow Light

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The AC Infinity IONGRID LED Grow Light is a powerful tool for cannabis growers and indoor gardeners looking to optimize their grow spaces. Its innovative halo design, full-spectrum Samsung LM301H LEDs, and digital lighting controller make it a standout choice in the market. By providing uniform coverage, deeper light penetration, and advanced programmability, this grow light maximizes plant yields and ensures healthy growth.

The AC Infinity IONGRID LED Grow Light features an innovative halo design that ensures uniform coverage and deeper light penetration. This unique arrangement of light-emitting diodes maximizes your grow tent’s capacity and growth potential by expanding the amount of usable growing space and reaching past your plant’s canopy. The design achieves commercial bar light performance while providing full coverage in 2×2 spaces.

Equipped with Samsung LM301H diodes, the AC Infinity IONGRID LED Grow Light offers full-spectrum lighting optimized for all grow stages—germination, vegetative, and flowering. These diodes are specially formulated with white, red, and IR LEDs to promote healthy plant growth throughout the entire lifecycle. This ensures your plants get the most efficient and effective light for optimal growth.

One of the standout features of the AC Infinity IONGRID LED Grow Light is its digital controller. This programmable LED grow light allows for 0-100% dimming and time-based controls. You can set baseline intensity levels and on/off programming using its timer or cycle modes to establish a consistent light cycle. The S-Series controllers come with extension ports to daisy-chain and provide programming to additional LED grow lights, offering flexibility and control over your grow space.

The AC Infinity IONGRID LED Grow Light is built to last. Its air-suspended driver over an aluminum heatsink allows for passive airflow, ensuring the LEDs remain cool and boosting PAR output. This thermal management system not only extends the life of the LEDs but also enhances their performance, making the AC Infinity IONGRID LED Grow Light a reliable choice for serious growers.

The AC Infinity IONGRID LED Grow Light offers several benefits that make it a valuable addition to any indoor garden.

The innovative halo design and full-spectrum Samsung LM301H LEDs work together to maximize your plant’s yield and growth. By providing uniform coverage and deeper light penetration, the AC Infinity IONGRID LED Grow Light ensures that every part of your plant receives the necessary light for optimal growth. This results in larger, healthier plants and higher yields.

Energy efficiency is a crucial factor for indoor gardeners. The AC Infinity IONGRID LED Grow Light is designed to consume less power while delivering superior performance. The advanced LED technology ensures that more light energy is converted into usable light for your plants, reducing energy waste and lowering your electricity bills.

The AC Infinity IONGRID LED Grow Light is designed with grow tents in mind. Its compact and versatile design allows for easy integration into various grow tent setups. The light’s form factor and adjustable hanging hardware make it suitable for different tent sizes and configurations, providing flexibility for growers of all levels.

The air-suspended driver and aluminum heatsink ensure quiet operation, allowing you to maintain a peaceful grow space. The passive cooling system eliminates the need for noisy fans, making the AC Infinity IONGRID LED Grow Light an ideal choice for indoor gardens where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum.

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