AC Infinity IONBOARD Grow Light

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If you’re looking for a quality American-made product that’s competitively priced, then look no further than IONBOARD from AC Infinity. This top-rated grow light is made with care and precision in the USA, and it offers the indoor cultivator great value for your money from a brand you can trust.

The AC Infinity IONBOARD grow light is an indoor-specific, full-spectrum LED light that has 5 dimmable settings and features unibody aluminum boards.

The IONBOARD S44 version grow light also has daisy-chaining capabilities for easy use, and its optimized spectrum helps to promote healthy growth in plants. With dimensions of 24 x 24 inches and a coverage area of 4 x 4 feet, this light is perfect for medium-sized grow operations.

Additionally, the IONBOARD includes 1024 diodes with an output of 2.75 µmol/j and 1854 PPFD, making it one of the more affordable LED grow lights with this spec on the market.

The AC Infinity IONBOARD full spectrum Samsung LM301B LED grow light features easy-to-use knobs that control brightness from 0 to 100%, and has the ability to connect with the AC Infinity Smart Controller.

The IONBOARD S44 provides an even light distribution, while the IP-65 rating makes it perfect for hotter environments. Plus, there are four sizes available so you can find the perfect coverage for your grow space. –

  • AC Infinity IONBOARD S22
  • AC Infinity IONBOARD S24
  • AC Infinity IONBOARD S33
  • AC Infinity IONBOARD S44

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