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The AC Infinity Inline Fan is not just another ventilation system; it’s a game-changer designed to address your specific needs with unmatched efficiency and quiet performance.

One of the standout features of the AC Infinity Inline Fan is its PWM-controlled EC motor, which ensures whisper-quiet operation. At just 32 dBA, this fan runs so quietly you might forget it’s there. But don’t be fooled by its silence; it moves air at a robust 402 CFM, making it perfect for high-resistance areas like grow tents and AV racks. Say goodbye to noisy, inefficient fans and hello to tranquility and performance.

Gone are the days of manually adjusting your fan settings. The AC Infinity Inline Fan comes equipped with a wired 10-speed fan controller, but the real magic happens when you connect it to the CONTROLLER 69 (sold separately) and the AC Infinity app. This advanced system allows for custom activation using climate triggers, grow cycles, scheduling, and automation programming. Imagine a fan that knows exactly when to kick in to maintain your ideal environment, without you lifting a finger.

The mixed flow design, featuring stator blades and hydrodynamic wind circles, enables this fan to deliver air effectively, even in spaces with high resistance. This means better ventilation for your grow tent, more efficient heating and cooling transfer to different rooms, and improved air circulation throughout your space. Whether you’re combating odors or just need a breath of fresh air, this fan has you covered.

With the AC Infinity app, you’re always in the know. The interactive graph displays temperature, humidity, and VPD data intuitively, allowing you to input target figures to ensure your environment stays within optimal ranges. Customizable alerts and notifications keep you informed of any environmental spikes, so you can act quickly to maintain the perfect conditions.

The AC Infinity Inline Fan is more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a vital component of any well-maintained space. It brings together quiet operation, powerful performance, and intelligent control in one sleek package. If you’re serious about creating and maintaining the perfect environment – this fan is an indispensable tool.

AC infinity are prolific in the HVAC sector and alongside the S6 inline fan also produce a whole host of other models. You can find all AC Infinity inline fans in the list below –

S – Line

  • AC Infinity CLOUDLINE PRO S4
  • AC Infinity CLOUDLINE PRO S6
  • AC Infinity CLOUDLINE S8 PRO
  • AC Infinity CLOUDLINE PRO S10

A – Line

  • AC Infinity CLOUDLINE A4
  • AC Infinity CLOUDLINE A6
  • AC Infinity CLOUDLINE A8

T – Line

  • AC Infinity CLOUDLINE PRO T4
  • AC Infinity CLOUDLINE PRO T6
  • AC Infinity CLOUDLINE PRO T8
  • AC Infinity CLOUDLINE PRO T10
  • AC Infinity CLOUDLINE PRO T12

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