AC Infinity Controller

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The AC Infinity Controller is perfect for growers looking to maintain a precise climate in their grow room. This advanced controller can dynamic adjust speed to ensure optimal conditions, and has backup memory to store your settings in case of a power outage.

The included 12-foot sensor probe allows you to accurately measure the temperature and humidity in your grow room, while the remote control via Bluetooth makes it easy to make adjustments on the go. With two ports, the AC Infinity Controller can support up to two fans, making it ideal for larger grow rooms.

The AC Infinity Controller features a data graph function that provides real-time information on the progress of your crops. The controller is also equipped with a digital LCD screen and operates between 35 and 85% humidity.

Additionally, it comes at an excellent price point, boasts high ratings from customers, and comes in various models (69, 67, UNC529, 68), as well as being compatible with the AC Infinity Grow Tent series and other AC Infinity product lines.

If you’re looking for a quality product that will help you achieve successful harvests, look no further than the AC Infinity Controller.

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