About Our Founder

Hi, my name is Roy. I’m a thirty-something cannabis cultivator, proud cannabis activist for legalization and the CEO of The Highest Crop.

In 2018, I finally decided to take the plunge and created The Highest Crop as a way of sharing my passion for Cannabis and its many benefits.

My hope is for The Highest Crop to provide safe and legitimate guidance about a multitude of topics ranging from cannabis cultivation to the best growing equipment.

My aim is to continue building The Highest Crop as a trustworthy resource for fellow cultivators and consumers to learn and chat about all things cannabis. 

Since we launched, The Highest Crop has grown rapidly, cementing itself as a reliable resource in the growing community. 

I’m fortunate enough to witness perceptions switch from negative to positive after decades of the beautiful plant being wrongly stereotyped and stigmatized.

I want this site to be a safe place where cannabis breeders can find information and guidance on everything related to growing and smoking cannabis. 

Whether you’re brand new to cannabis or regular smoker, I’m confident that you’ll find a guide or product for you on The Highest Crop.


Founder, The Highest Crop.