About Roy Stevens

Hi, my name is Roy. I’m a thirty-something cannabis cultivator, proud cannabis activist for legalization and the CEO of The Highest Crop.

In 2018, I finally decided to take the plunge and created The Highest Crop as a way of sharing my passion for Cannabis and its many benefits.

My hope is for The Highest Crop to provide safe and legitimate guidance about a multitude of topics ranging from cannabis cultivation to the best growing equipment.

My aim is to continue building The Highest Crop as a trustworthy resource for fellow cultivators and consumers to learn and chat about all things cannabis. 

Since we launched, The Highest Crop has grown rapidly, cementing itself as a reliable resource in the growing community. 

I’m fortunate enough to witness perceptions switch from negative to positive after decades of the beautiful plant being wrongly stereotyped and stigmatized.

How Has Cannabis Helped?

Being a regular user of cannabis and its extracts has had a positive effect on many people’s lives, me included. Unfortunately, society sometimes paints smokers as “lazy stoners”. 

Associating all cultivators, consumers or anyone pro-legalization with labels such as “stupid” or “lazy” is nothing more than a narrow-minded stereotype.

Despite its stigma, cannabis has many health benefits and is regularly prescribed by Medical Practitioners for people who’re suffering from ailments such as insomnia, chronic pain, and spasms.

Low doses of cannabis are popular for treating stress and anxiety. If you lay awake at night stressed, a little smoke, vape or a few drops of oil before you go to bed can ease your worries and help you drift off to sleep. 

Medical use of marijuana can help people to reclaim their lives, which further drives my passion for worldwide legalization. 

There’s still a lot of work to do as far as the reputation of cannabis is concerned. Plus, high taxes and black-market competition can be off-putting to new growers who feel too intimidated to contend. 

On top of that, there’s the fear that after all of your hard work, your cannabis grow won’t be successful. 

Blogging Experience

As more research is acknowledged about cannabis, the conversation is continually evolving for the better. Even Martha Stewart is open and proud about smoking!

Plus, with 33 states and counting legalizing recreational marijuana, it felt like a great time to start!

Before The Highest Crop, I enjoyed using other platforms such as Reddit and Quora under a pseudonym as a way of connecting with like-minded enthusiasts to swap useful tips on how to grow. 

I realized that I was beginning to build a community and I was getting a kick out of sharing my favorite products and growing tips and tricks. 

I started writing guides with the intention of sharing them with existing cultivation bloggers, but eventually, I embraced a surge of motivation and made the time and space in my life to start and maintain my own site to share my blogs and guides.


With this experience, why not share what I’ve learned along the way? 

The internet is the best way to reach people, that’s why I’m excited to continue developing and elevating The Highest Crop to the next level.

I want this site to be a safe place where cannabis breeders can find information and guidance on everything related to growing and smoking cannabis. 

Whether you’re brand new to cannabis or regular smoker, I’m confident that you’ll find a guide or product for you on The Highest Crop.

Roy Stevens,

Founder, The Highest Crop.