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600 Watt LED Grow Lights

Last Updated: May 31, 2024
Roy Stevens
Product Review by Roy Stevens

We don’t blame you if you’re unsatisfied with you traditional 600 watt HPS or MH grow light. Many of us are, and that’s why today we are going to be digging deeper into 600 watt LED grow lights and their technology.

Before you make a substantial purchase, we recommend that you follow our in-depth guide on key aspects to consider; along with our top-rated choices. Whether you’re ready or not, 600 watt LED grow lights are becoming the go-to lighting system for many novices and professionals alike.

Read along to find out why 600 watt LED grow lights are creating a buzz in the marijuana community.

Our Reviews


When you need an affordable LED workhorse that’s ready to get your cannabis crop on the right foot – the Mars Hydro TS 600W LED grow light system is fit for the job.

The Mars Hydro TS 600W LED grow light system is ideal for small grow spaces, seedlings, clones, and keeping a mother plant thoroughly satisfied.

Although the Mars Hydro TS 600W LED grow light can’t compete with its older siblings, it’s very capable of producing thick buds that are drenched in mouth-watering trichomes.

Furthermore, this LED grow light system is beyond easy to set up. This means that you’ll spend less time fiddling with equipment and more time drenching your cannabis crop with bright LED lumens.

Additionally, the Mars Hydro TS 600W LED grow light system is a perfect choice for those who are on a budget but need a high-performing LED system.

This product is not for those who need to cover a large amount of space. Since the Mars Hydro 600W TS LED grow light system is only 2’x2’ – the overall coverage will only cover a single cannabis plant or a limited number of small cannabis plants.

Ultimately, you won’t be disappointed once you fire up your brand new Mars Hydro 600W TS LED grow light system


  • Established Brand
  • Great Price
  • Innovative Fanless Design


  • Runs Quite Hot

King Plus 600W LED Grow Light

Another Chinese based company, King LED have been going since 2012, and have made considerable inroads into the LED market just like Viparspectra and Bestva.

They have a pretty extensive range of full-spectrum LED lights, and most are top-rated, averaging four-star plus reviews across most models. To be honest, these three brands are pretty interchangeable and offer the indoor grower a good selection.

They’re known for producing some basic no-frills LED full spectrum panels, at affordable prices that can be found on most big online retailers, to see their higher spec LED you’d have to pop over and take a quick look at their website.

Low cost and thousands of four-star plus reviews are the first things that will stand out to most, standard build quality and features are to be expected from King LED. Most models come with double chips, efficient PAR/LUMEN output, and are full-spectrum, mimicking good conditions for veg and flower growth.

King LED just like other Chinese firms, mainly suffers due to build quality, red and blue light disparity, shortened product life span, and blown bulbs. King LED try to answer any customer queries as fast as possible, but being based in China again has its limitations.

King LED is a company that offers various LED products including the King Plus 600W LED Grow Light at a very reasonable price. They’re sold through most popular online retailers and sit comfortably within that mid-range quality bracket.

Of course, If you’re one of the unlucky ones that experience problems, you’ll probably never buy from any Chinese branded LED companies ever again, but with a high volume of users experiencing no problems whatsoever, King LED is seen by many as another viable option.


  • Duel-chip technology
  • Efficient PAR/LUMEN output
  • Hundreds of 4 star reviews
  • Low cost


  • Red & Blue light disparity
  • Short lifespan
  • Build quality
  • Blown bulbs


The Vivaspectra 600w LED grow light ranks high amongst the majority of cannabis cultivators – for a good reason. This light is perfect for those who wish to save massive amounts of money by reducing their energy output.

Once you switch over the Vivaspectra’s 600w LED grow light, you’ll no longer need to run such a power-hungry ventilation system.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Optimum PAR range for excellent bud growth
  • Significant energy savings and does not run hot
  • Draws 230-watts


  • Diodes can be faulty before life expectancy date

Phlizon Newest 600W LED Grow Light

The Phlizon Newest 600w LED grow light is a ready-to-grow unit. It comes with essential accessories that you’ll need to hang your LED from your grow space. It’s PAR rating is excellent, and provides all the necessary color-spectrums that you can expect from an LED light that’s specific to cannabis growth.

If you require discretion, then you may be slightly disappointed by Phlizon’s non-so-discreet shipping methods. However, if this isn’t an issue, then you’ll quickly receive the unit, and you can set it up with ease.


  • It comes with the perfect accessory set
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Ideal for a 2’x2’ space
  • Cool to the touch and run efficiently


  • Non-discreet shipping
  • Non-FCC compliant

Why Make the Switch to 600 Watt LED Grow Lights?

This is the fundamental question. Before we describe the primary benefits of using a 600 watt LED grow light, we should talk about something more philosophical.

Currently, the world is in a precarious position, with droughts across the USA, global crop decline, record-breaking winters, and never-ending summers.

This is the situation we’re dealing with, and reducing the amount of stress on the planet is becoming essential.

Every action counts, and this is where using a 600 watt LED grow light comes into the picture. These devices are capable of cutting your electricity bills in half when cultivating cannabis indoors or outdoors.

This increased efficiency and decreased energy consumption are proving necessary for the well-being of our world. Cannabis can be a sustainable crop, as long as the practices that we use to cultivate it are eco-friendly.

Whether you’re researching 600 watt LED grow lights for their green technology or to increase your bank account, understanding their impact is critical.

Are 600 Watt LED Grow Lights Equivalent to 600w HPS Grow Lights?

The short answer is yes and no. The long answer is more complicated because it depends on how you would define efficiency.

If we are to compare the outright wattage of 600w LEDs versus 600w HPS, then high-pressure sodiums lamps are the clear winner.

They pump out 600-watts of lumens and provide an extensive amount of coverage, along with above-average light penetration.

Compared to 600-watts that HPS lamp produces, 600w LED grow lights use between 90-300- watts of power.

This is a clear reduction in energy consumption, which results in less coverage, light intensity, and light penetration.

If you’re comparing watt output, then 600 watt LED grow lights are at a disadvantage compared to high-pressure sodium bulbs. What happens when you compare the overall efficiency of growing cannabis?

First of all, it’s not all about raw power output. Even if you have a 600w-1,000w HPS grow lights, you’ll have to consider the amount of cannabis produced.

A way of calculating this is the total amount of grams produced compared with the total wattage used.

If you wanted to go even further to determine the efficiency of your grow, you’d need to factor in the amount of water and nutrients used; but for the sake of simplicity, we’ll leave this between watts and grams.

In the eyes of cannabis producers, producing 1 gram per watt is the golden number. Once you hit this goal, you can consider yourself a green thumb.

The calculation is as follows: Total dried flower weight divided by the total amount of watts used.

So, if you produced 380-grams with 600-watts of light, then your efficiency comes out to 0.6333g/watt.

When using a 600 watt LED grow lights, your energy consumption is far less, and you can potentially produce an abundant harvest that boosts your overall gram per watt ratio.

For example, if you produce 250-grams of dried cannabis flowers while using a 600 watt LED grow light that consumes 280-watts of power, your ratio climbs to 0.892g/watt.

This is a significant increase, and when compared with the electricity-reducing benefits associated with LED grow lights, you’re in for a treat.

So, when comparing efficiency, 600 watt LED grow lights are the clear winner. They offer multiple ways to make your cannabis operation profitable.

When using power-hungry HID grow lights, you need to produce an abundant harvest. If using a LED grow light, you can fumble your harvest and still remain profitable due to your potential energy savings.

This aspect gives commercial producers and small-scale growers a significant amount of flexibility in their grow room.

Where Can You Use 600 Watt LED Grow Lights?

A significant benefit of 600 watt LED grow lights is that they can be used indoors and outdoors. Let’s take a look at how each of these scenarios can benefit from a 600w full spectrum LED grow light.


Indoor use is the obvious application for a 600w full spectrum LED grow light system. Most of you will cultivate cannabis indoors because this method offers the most flexibility, quality, and yield potential.

600 watt LED grow lights are light in weight compared to that of 600w HPS grow systems. This makes them ideal for hanging indoors, especially when cultivating cannabis inside a grow tent.

Grow tents adequately hold various tools, as long as the weight doesn’t overcome the supporting structure. You won’t have to worry about a collapsed roof when you hang multiple 600 watts LED grow lights.

Depending on the accessories and built-in features, your 600 watts LED grow light can weigh from a wispy 5-pounds to 20-pounds.


Initially, the agricultural industry used LED lighting to supplement produce that was being grown in greenhouses.

Aside from greenhouses, horticulturalists used LED technology to increase bloom rates due to their specific wavelengths.

If you’re an outdoor grower, you can efficiently utilize multiple 600w full spectrum LED grow lights to grow year-round.

This means that you’ll save a significant sum of money by using the Sun when it’s high in the sky, and turning on your 600 watts LED grow lights as the Sun begins to set.

By doing so, you can keep your marijuana plants in the vegetative state for as long as you need.

Once you’re ready to flower, you can utilize the Sun for the majority of lighting, but your 600 watt LED grow lights can supplement additional lighting that will increase the size of your buds.

The Primary Advantages of Using 600 Watt LED Grow Lights

Let’s take a look a the main beneficial aspects of owning a 600w full spectrum grow light.


It goes without saying that setting up a 600 watt LED grow light is a breeze. LEDs don’t require a ballast, which traditional HPS and MH bulbs need.

This feature turns LED lights into plug-and-play systems. It doesn’t get any easier than hanging your LED grow light and plugging it into an electrical source.

Multiple Features

Every grower jumped for joy when digital ballast manufacturers introduced dimming options. This simple, yet effective capability turned HID lighting into multi-capable grow light systems.

Yet, the problem of costly electrical bills remained.

600 watt LED grow lights, on the other hand, offer these same dimming options, but with a reduced impact on your wallet.

Most 600 watt LED grow lights come equipped with remote controls or built-in LED screens that allow you to fully customize your light output.

Going a step further, LED manufacturers allow you to choose the ratio of your color-spectrum. By doing so, you can switch over to the red or blue range at a push of a button.

This advantage allows you to use a single 600w LED grow light for any stage of growth. Seedlings, clones, juveniles, mothers, mature plants, and flowering plants can all benefit from the use of a single 600w LED grow light.


You may read this and remain skeptical, but LED grow lights are equipped with UV and IR capabilities.

600 watt LED grow lights are no different since most manufacturers have realized the benefit of offering this revolutionary feature.

Ultraviolet and infrared rays are natural wavelengths that plants have utilized since the beginning of time.

Humans are unable to see these wavelengths without specialized equipment, but they’re responsible for sunburns and skin cancer when overexposed.

Plants, on the other hand, utilize IR and UV to keep bacteria and fungi at bay.

Most microbial pests are sensitive to high amounts of UV and IR, so it’s an essential aspect to consider when you’re searching for the best 600w LED grow light.

It’s a growing phenomenon that microbial pests are becoming far more resistant to chemical agents due to bad agricultural practices.

This means that many types of bacteria and fungi are a challenge to get rid of, and the best method in preventing them is by using this natural method.

Customizable Color-Spectrum

Besides energy savings, a customizable color spectrum is the ultimate game-changer for cannabis cultivation.

Research has shown specific color-spectrums add to the vigor and yield of many plant species. Cannabis fully benefits from the red/orange and blue/white range due to their natural growing characteristics.

A color-spectrum doesn’t matter if the PAR rating is low, so it’s essential that you consider 600 watts LED grow lights with a substantial PAR rating.

Photosynthetically Active Radiation is the level in which a plant takes in photons from light. The ideal range lands between 400-700nm.

So, if you combine a PAR rating with the overall color-spectrum, you’ll have a well-rounded lighting system that will give your cannabis plants precisely what they need.

With a customizable lighting capability, you can switch 75% of your diodes to the red/orange range, while the other 25% remains at the blue/white spectrum.

By doing so, your cannabis crop will bathe in a full-spectrum light that gives the benefit that these two color-spectrums offer.

Some 600w LED grow light manufacturers even offer the green color range to allow nighttime inspections.

During lights-off, it’s imperative that you don’t disrupt your cannabis crops’ sleep cycle. If you do, you may stress your marijuana plants, and they can potentially turn hermaphrodite.

This is the last thing you want to experience, especially if you’re already late into the flowering stage.

Plant’s don’t respond to green light because their leaves are green due to the chlorophyll pigment.

This pigment allows them to absorb all other color-spectrums effectively while reducing the effectiveness of the green wavelength.

By allowing green diodes into your 600w LED grow light, you won’t need to worry about stressing your cannabis crop if you need to do an emergency check during the night cycle.

You may not intend on having to do this during your grow, but you’d be surprised how often this issue comes up.

Energy-Saving Technology

This is most likely the reason why you’re here. When it comes down to it, most of you are considering the feasibility of growing your own cannabis.

There’s nothing like producing your own medicine or recreational product because you’ll feel empowered that you don’t have to rely on anybody else.

It’s also cost-effective to produce your own cannabis. In general, an 1/8th of marijuana costs $30-60, depending on the state that you’re in.

This, in itself, is a significant sum of money to pay and will drain your savings account rapidly.

So, how do you balance wanting to save money and produce your own marijuana cheaply? This is done by using a sufficient 600w LED grow light.

Most 600 watts LED grow lights use between 90-300-watts of power. If you compare this to a 600w HPS grow light, then you’ve already reduced your electricity bill by 50% or more.

Secondary Optical Lens

Most LED skeptics will claim that a 600w LED grow light won’t penetrate a canopy the same way a 600w HID will. Although we would have agreed with this statement in the past, LED lights have come a long way.

Most LED manufacturers implement secondary optical lenses to increase the magnification of the light. This feature focuses the light into a more direct beam, which is then cast down onto your marijuana crop.

The only downside of secondary optical lenses is that they may focus too much light into a dense beam, which may adversely affect your marijuana plants if they’re too close.

Although this is a rare occurrence, it’s something to keep in mind.


There’s nothing like having lightweight equipment. Not only does it make installation that much easier, but it also allows you to transport your equipment at a moments notice.

Life can force you to move suddenly, so it’s a significant advantage to have tools that aren’t a hassle to move.

Most 600w LED grow lights weigh in at a miniscule 10-15-pounds. Compare that to traditional HID grow light systems, which, when accounting for bulb, ballast, and hood, can range between 35-45-pounds.

The moment your grow room requires additional lights, you’ll be thankful that you switched over to a 600w LED grow light.

By adding an extra HPS or MH grow light system, the overall weight of your light setup turns into a complicated task in setting up, taking down, or transporting.

Long-Lasting Diodes

LED diodes are the light emitting bulbs on your LED grow light system. These are typically rated for a lifespan of 10,000 to 50,000+ hours. This means they have the capability of lasting from over a year to potentially 6 years.

Traditional 600w HPS bulbs are typically used for 2-4 cycles, which means they’re acceptable to use for 3-12 months.

HPS and MH lamps are incredibly expensive, ranging from $40-120 each.

By switching over to a 600w LED grow light system, you won’t be required to switch bulbs (since LED systems run both red and blue spectrums), and you’ll save an estimated $300 on bulbs per year.

So, not only you saving money on the cost of electricity from the light produced and from the energy needed to power an AC unit, but also on the cost of lamps.

Reduced Heat in the Grow Room

One sure thing is that one aspect will always affect another. This is undoubtedly the case when you consider the heat generated by a grow light and the cooling power needed to reduce it.

HID grow lights are notoriously known for the heat that they generate. 600w-1,000w HID lights will turn your grow rooms into a furnace if you don’t have a proper AC unit to counter their effects.

This necessity, in turn, forces you to ramp up your AC unit, as well as your overall ventilation system.

As your cooling and ventilation systems are running on overdrive to cool your grow room, your electricity bill is skyrocketing. Paired with the power needed to run the lights, you’re looking at a significant amount of money at the end of the month.

Since a 600w LED grow light only consumes a fraction of an HID lamp, they emit far less heat. This makes them more manageable and allows you to reduce your AC settings to the bare minimum.

Therefore, your electricity bill will remain low since you won’t need to use a high amount of energy to cool your room down to an acceptable level.

Instantaneous Heat-Up

LED grow lights benefit from a nearly instant turn-on time. This means that once the internal timer turns on the device, your light will switch on with full brightness.

Traditional HID systems take 1-2 minutes to fully turn on, so this is a significant advantage to consider over HPS and MH lamps.

Effective Cycling

Another advantage that can be attributed to 600w LED grow lights is the fact that they can cycle between on and off without any detrimental effects.

Traditional MH and HPS systems aren’t recommended to be turned on and off within a certain amount of time, as this can damage the unit.

LEDs are efficiently wired without the use of a ballast, so they won’t become damaged if you find yourself needing to turn your system on and off in rapid succession.

The Disadvantages of 600 watt LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights As with anything, there’s always a negative when presented with a positive. With so many
positives attributed to 600 watt LED grow lights, there must be detrimental aspects to consider.

Let’s take a look at what you may find unappealing when searching for the perfect 600w full spectrum LED grow light.


Many top-of-the-line 600w LED grow lights are expensive for most. Although we picked the most affordable 600 watt LED grow lights for this review, many brands price their lights at a premium price.

We want to note that although we’ve placed this category in the disadvantages section, it’s only because of the upfront cost associated with LED grow lights.

After long-term use, this disadvantage disappears. This is because LED grow lights eventually pay for themselves in the long-run due to their energy savings.

Less Light Intensity

Due to a 600 watts LED grow lights’ ability to reduce your electricity bill, it’ll correspond with less intense light.

Although 600 watts LED grow lights come equipped with secondary optical lenses to promote deeper light penetration, they’re still not quite comparable to HID systems.

This is the primary trade-off that you need to consider before buying a 600w LED grow light. If you’re prepared for a diminished light, then you won’t be surprised when you switch on your light.

If you’re new to cannabis cultivation and a 600w LED grow light is your first system, then you’ll be in awe once you power your device on. If you’re coming from a 600w-1,000w HPS system, then you may feel slightly disappointed.

Diode Malfunctions

Whether you purchase an LED or HID system, you’ll find that you may come across a defective product.

Typically, this isn’t a common issue with well-known brands, but there’s a high chance you’ll find a few burned-out diodes on your brand new 600w LED grow light system.

When this occurs, you’ll be highly pleased that you purchased a 600w LED grow light that’s covered by a warranty.

Many popular brands offer 2-3-year warranties, as long as you didn’t modify the light in any way. Even if you have to pay extra, it’s always worth it to ensure your product with a warranty.

Diodes are liable to go out at any given time considering most LED grow lights have a large number of diodes.

Although these burn-outs can occur after the estimated lifespan of the system, it’s more likely that you’ll find a handful of non-working diodes along the panel.

Potential Learning Curve

If you’ve been growing cannabis with traditional HID systems, then you may find that switching to a 600w LED grow light frustrating.

This is because you’ll have to change your plant count, spacing, nutrient dosage, and watering routine.

You’ll probably need to reduce your plant count while growing with a 600w LED grow light if you’re used to growing cannabis with a 600w HPS.

This is because the footprint of the LED grow light will be less-effective overall compared to the HID system.

Cannabis plants should be spaced adequately when growing with a 600w LED grow light. This means that you won’t be able to cram as many plants in a square meter as you would generally like.

Nutrient dosages and water requirements will differ once you go down the LED route because there will be less in the grow space.

Although less heat is a significant benefit, it will change your routine and force you to manage your garden differently.

If you find that you’ve perfected your growing style with 600w HID lights, then you’ll surely feel the difference once you make the jump to LED grow lights.

Who Will Benefit From a 600 Watt LED Grow Lights?

Individuals who’ll benefit from using a 600w full spectrum LED grow light are those that see the advantage in reducing their overall electricity bill.

Whether you’re a small-scale farmer or a commercial producer – if saving money is your primary goal, then a 600w LED grow light is perfect for you.

Cultivators who grow in tiny spaces, such as closets, attics, and grow boxes will benefit from using a 600w LED grow light because they offer ample light for small areas.

Since they also emit very little heat, they’re ideal for gardeners seeking to supercharge their crop.

Lastly, those who see the benefit of growing in the most discreet way will enjoy a 600w LED grow light. Stealth growers will find these LED grow lights to be silent, bright, and typically cool to the touch.

By combining these three factors, stealth growers won’t need to build a powerful ventilation system that compromises their grow space.

Overall, the individuals who’ll benefit from a 600w LED grow light are those who are willing to break away from the mold.

LED growing requires creativity because the vast majority of cannabis cultivators utilize traditional HIDs.

Growing marijuana with LED grow lights pushes you to become a better cultivator because you longer have a high-watt crutch that was supplemented by HPS or MH bulbs.

What to Look for Before You Purchase a 600-Watt LED Full Spectrum Grow Light

While you’re browsing the near-infinite number of 600w LED grow lights, make sure you consider these aspects before making a purchase.

Name Brand Diodes

Even if an LED manufacturer has a shining reputation, make sure that you research which diodes they’re using.

An LED grow light isn’t worth anything if the light bulbs don’t function properly, or if they go out with each passing day.

There are a handful of well-known brand names, such as Phillips, GE, Cree, Nichia, Osram, LG, and Seoul Semiconductor Co.

If you find that your preferred 600w LED grow light comes equipped with any of these brands, then you’ll likely be in the clear.


As we’ve mentioned earlier, 600w LED grow light manufacturers have implemented a wide range of functions to enhance your cultivation experience.

These come in the form of dimming, color spectrum customization, remote controls, and secondary optical lenses.


There’s always the potential that some of your diodes will malfunction before the estimated lifespan. This is why it’s crucial that you find a 600w LED grow light with a 2-3 year warranty.

This is adequate time to put in a lot of use, which may account for half the life expectancy of your 600w LED grow light unit.

For example, Platinum LED’s 600w 12-band LED grow light offers a 5-year warranty. This is beyond expectations and shows how confident Platinum is regarding its product.

User Reviews

Besides our own 600w LED grow light review, we encourage you to look at the various reports that you can find throughout the internet.

User reviews are invaluable and hold profound insight into the usability of most 600w LED grow lights on the market.

By reading user reviews in conjunction with doing your own research, you’ll have an excellent idea of what to expect before making a substantial purchase.


You may find a stellar deal on a stand-alone 600w LED grow light unit, but you might end up paying more than you expected if it doesn’t come with additional accessories.

These accessories come in the form of timers, rope ratchets, light hangers, remote controls, power cords, and even environmental monitors (thermometer/hygrometer).

When your 600w LED grow light doesn’t come equipped with any of these necessary tools, you’ll have to purchase these separately.

There’s no doubt that buying LED grow light units with additional accessories will save you money and a trip to the local hydroponics store.

Number of Bands

Each 600w LED grow light will display the number of band wavelengths. Wavelength bands are essentially the number of color spectrums that a grow light emits.

The more bands aren’t necessarily a good thing since it increases the number of wavelengths.

As you already know, cannabis plants enjoy red, orange, blue, and white the most. These colors fall within the optimal PAR rating of 400nm-700nm.

As you include more bands, the effectiveness of the light diminishes. This is why you should find LED grow lights that are rated between 6-8 bands.

Actual Power Output

600w LED grow lights don’t emit 600w of light. This label is slightly misleading, but manufacturers are trying to say that their lights are equivalent to 600w HPS and MH bulbs.

The reality of the situation is that 600w LED grow lights only emit 90-300-watts of power. As we’ve previously mentioned, this reduces the intensity of the light but increases your energy savings.

You should always check how much power your LED unit uses. By doing so, you’ll be able to estimate how much money you’ll pay per month while using this device.

For example, the Philzon LED grow light uses 100-watts during operation, which is significantly less than that of a 400-600w HPS lamp.

UV and IR

Ultraviolet and infrared rays are quickly becoming a must-have option when cultivating cannabis. Pests and disease are becoming a problem, as more growers are growing marijuana.

Just as certain bacteria become resistant to antibiotics with increased treatments, so do diseases and pests on agricultural crops.

The agriculture industry has already witnessed this with many invasive plant species, in which they’ve grown resistant to various herbicides.

Increased exposure to a chemical sometimes has the opposite effect, and that’s what the cannabis industry is currently seeing with specific issues.

Powdery mildew, blight, spider mites, rot, and many others are becoming far more challenging to get rid of.

This is why it’s crucial that you find a 600w LED grow light that comes equipped with IR and UV light.

There are no pests or diseases that show resistance to these two natural lights, and having a variety of tools in your arsenal is always a good idea when combating these silent killers.

Built-In Fan

The vast majority of 600w LED grow lights will come with a built-in fan. The difference is how quiet it operates. Some will have dual fans, while others have a single option.

These fans are of utmost importance because they reduce the internal temperature of the device, which effectively reduces the temperature of your grow space.

If your diodes aren’t overheating, then they’ll last far longer than if they are regularly exposed to high levels of heat. This is why you must search for a 600w LED grow light with an adequate fan.

In most cases, there’s usually a trade-off. This trade-off comes in the form of discreteness. The more active the fan, the louder it is.

If you find a 600w LED grow light that’s both quiet and incredibly effective, then you’ve potentially found the holy grail of LED grow lights.


After much debate, we decided upon the King Plus 600W LED Grow Light . Although the competitors were challenging to beat, the King Plus 600W LED Grow Light pulled through due to its outstanding energy savings to light intensity ratio.

Although it consumes a large amount of electricity, the heat output remained minimal. Even though it runs warmer than the Philzon 600w LED grow light, or even the Viparspectra 600w LED grow light; it remains ideally balanced.

The King Plus 600W LED Grow Light offers a high PAR rating, allowing its bulbs to push out the perfect full-spectrum wavelengths of light for your cannabis crop. You’ll notice that your marijuana leaves will lift their leaves up to the light, eager to take in the lumens for photosynthesis.

Lastly, this LED was built to last. The finish is professional, and the quality of materials feels sturdy to the touch. Even though the King Plus 600W LED Grow Light is constructed out of high-quality materials, they still offer a robust 2-year warranty.

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